From To day I do things differently

How many times did I say that to my self? I mean. How many times did I say to my self I will not do that? So from today.  Right now or even better..From the moment I wrote the title. From now I do things differently. I’ll do it tomorrow! Is dead. I’ll do itContinue reading “From To day I do things differently”

To be or not to be fucked

Is far from the question. The question is how to get unfucked. This is a quote I wrote in September on my Instagram. I invented the quote myself… inspired by Shakespeare of course. I thought it needed a little modern touch. So many times did I try to step into a situation where I endedContinue reading “To be or not to be fucked”

I do not do CSR I am CSR

And why now these big words? Because I have been Corporate Social Responsible since my childhood. I couldn’t watch a movie without thinking… ‘Did they clean up the ocean properly after that explosion?’ Or ‘How much did that car race pollute?’ Or ‘Did all workers get a good salary’ So imagine how f….d up itContinue reading “I do not do CSR I am CSR”

How I make soft when life is tough

At the moment life is a little rough: Changes in my daily habbits which where not quite what I expected, has completely turned my life upside down. But somehow it feels right and it makes me smile. And when I feel the tough rawness of life, I try to make things soft by making myselfContinue reading “How I make soft when life is tough”

I said it before to you – now I do it myself

Do what I can with what I got where I am. What do I want to do now my life took a turnover? Well to be honest I don’t know. So I stick to what I have & what I know. …hehe. The closet is far from what I got. But last time I wasContinue reading “I said it before to you – now I do it myself”

What I actually look for When Traveling

As every other human being, I look for things when I travel. But one thing particular is bags & shoes. The last 4 weeks I have been traveling around in my own country Denmark, but also in Europe. Both for pleasure & work. And this time I will present to you men’s accessories. Because someContinue reading “What I actually look for When Traveling”

5 Reasons Why Home Made Decor makes me Happy

I do have a thing for home made decor. This decor is made by a former colleague Malene. She made a post on facebook post about it, and I thought: Hey why not make a little tribute to home made decor. The reasons why I love home made decor are simply:  Home made decor is  unique difficult toContinue reading “5 Reasons Why Home Made Decor makes me Happy”

3 lists that help you find your inner talents

A post about finding your inner talents Sorry for spamming with posts, but I have joined this fantabulous blogchallenge by Jeff Goins, tjeck it out here And I know I ow you a post about Marie, my absolutely gorgeous blog partner in crime, and I am working on it… but I have to give MarieContinue reading “3 lists that help you find your inner talents”

Why Piece 4 Love became a Blog

explaining why the blog Piece 4 Love became reality never occurred to me being necessary, but …wauw … did I not learn anything at University..?… the Why,,, is the most important! The why is what makes me wake up in the morning! The why is what makes me take more than 1000 pictures a week! TheContinue reading “Why Piece 4 Love became a Blog”