Handmade jewellery from Sardinia

I haven’t been blogging for a really really long time After the fire in my appartment last year my life has change. And my motivation for writing just went down. It has been difficult to maintain my old habits, and it has also been difficult to establish new habits of life. But I did somethingContinue reading “Handmade jewellery from Sardinia”

All about new years eve

For the last five years I did not do anything particular on new years eve. There’s a reason why, but I tell you that another day. This new years eve was something totally different. First of all because I am using crutches for the moment. And secondly I eat new years dinner at a restaurant.Continue reading “All about new years eve”

Sometimes I feel so vulnerable

Some times ago I had difficulties in showing I was vulnerable. I wanted to be strong and ready for action. Or did I wanted to be like that or was it just a habit. A habit of what I’ve learned a habit of what I was use to hear. The words that created my reality. Continue reading “Sometimes I feel so vulnerable”

Inspirational quotes…follow my heart..

I love them. Inspirational quotes. They make me stronger. They make me smile. They make me understand more about life. Inspirational quotes are pieces 4 love that makes my life more beautiful because they make me smile and they make my life easier because they give me advices and learnings I can use. A goodContinue reading “Inspirational quotes…follow my heart..”

When life feels fogy

I actually never thought about it, but life feels fogy sometimes. Like, I can’t see where I am going or what I should actually bring with me. Not physically but mentally. I feel like walking in the clouds, not being sure if I fall every time I prepare a new step. Which makes it quite paranoiaContinue reading “When life feels fogy”

Life before and after social media…

Before there was none now there are so many that I have to choose Choose which one to be on Whether to be active and social or passive and still little social… Before I had to go out and meet people, if I stayed home I would not meet any Which maybe means that manyContinue reading “Life before and after social media…”