Love Yourself

Love yourself is the most important piece 4 love we can use in our daily life.

When we love ourself, we get more confidence,

and it is  easier to avoid limiting factors,

because it gets easier to notice and decide what is good for us.

We love ourself by loving the way we are, enjoying the good things we do,

and learning from the things we could do better.

We can start by looking into a mirror telling ourself with a loud voice:

I love you!

Remember to look yourself into your eyes.

It seems very awkward the first time,

but try to focus on the feeling that you get inside your body

after you have told your self: I love you.

The feeling you get has something to do with the positive meaning of the words

I love you,

and that particular feeling helps you make your life more beautiful and easier to live.

When we love ourself we are also our own best friend who supports us in every single situation.

Know more about how to be your own best friend and thereby love yourself more


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