To get over hope is possible

but of course it takes time. Months, days, hours, minutes and certainly not to forget… seconds. Seconds that can seems as months…or at least hours. Waiting for a hope, only brings me short. Going for a hope, is also about taking a risk. Taking a risk, equals in worst case scenario failure or in awesome caseContinue reading “To get over hope is possible”

You can look as good as you want – but will that ever make you happy?

Yes, I am telling you straight ahead that your look has only a little part to do with making you happy. Sorry, … I got a chock too. When I was teenager.. around 16-17 I got the idea that it was all about the look. I dreamed about being a model, I competed in aContinue reading “You can look as good as you want – but will that ever make you happy?”

I killed my bags,,,,,,

Sometimes you just need to change, change big time, but maybe you feel like I do. I like it the ways the things are. I love my bags. My bags that I have had for more than 12 years, handmade bags, practical bags, small bags, thermo bags, medium sized bags, and so on. Today IContinue reading “I killed my bags,,,,,,”

Celebrating other’s pieces 4 love

This apartment belonged to my best friend, before she went on a very long vacation to the other side of the world…. but this apartment placed in Haraldsgade 17b, was a blast….. the way that everything was created by the people living their, the art, the extra accessories hanging around and the space made forContinue reading “Celebrating other’s pieces 4 love”

4th Piece 4 Love

that will make your life more beautiful and easier to live – 20 Pieces 4 Love to come Would you like to get the other Pieces 4 Love as well ? Take a look here : 1st Piece 4 Love 2nd Piece 4 Love 3rd Piece 4 Love 5th Piece 4 Love 6th Piece 4Continue reading “4th Piece 4 Love”

Be Happy 4 other People’s Succes

Today a nice surprise turned in on my Facebook news. My study buddy JulieKarla won the title as Danish Champion in Everyday food… SHE NAILED IT, by working hard making lovely food and choosing the best dish for us out here. The judges must have had an experience of their life. (just take a lookContinue reading “Be Happy 4 other People’s Succes”