Miss Inconsistency

That’s me. Miss Inconsistency. Or was. When I started understanding the consequences of being bullied I got quite chocked. Bullying can really ruin a persons life. And for many years I thought something was wrong with me. Due to unleashed traumas I kept walking in the same circle, even I if started new life andContinue reading “Miss Inconsistency”

To Feel Deselected & What to do about it

Sometimes in my life I have felt that I was deselected from a group. A part of family. Friendships. Friends from sport, school, colleagues… When they did something together without inviting me. This article is about the vocabulary meaning of “deselect”, how I feel about itand how to deal with it, when feeling deselected. TheContinue reading “To Feel Deselected & What to do about it”

The best summer ever – even if the world has changed

We can all have it, the best summer ever, even if the world has changed. The important is not Change itself, it’s about how we deal with change. If we look up change in the dictionary it means: So change can either be something we do ourself or change can be something that is changedContinue reading “The best summer ever – even if the world has changed”