Be Your Own Best Friend

Being our own best friend means that we will always be there for ourself, in good times and bad times.

We will always be able to judge any situation to our own best, and we will always be able to celebrate the good things in life, and correct the mistake we make in our life.

Being our own best friend enables us to help us in being better at living our life, because our best friend (ourself) will be able to reflect and analyze upon our dreams and our actions.

Being our own best friend makes our life more beautiful and easier to live, since it gets easier to chose wisely in our daily life.


You become your own best friend by listening to your inner first feeling, by acting upon that one, and if it does not work, correct your action. Being your own best friend also means to support yourself, as you would support your own best friend by being  constructive, giving new suggestions for new solutions, cheering up when something goes wrong.

You are also your own best friend, when you look forward to be alone with yourself. Spending time with yourself is a good thing to be able to do.

You are wakening up and you are going to sleep with yourself the rest of your life.

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