Go With The Flow Even if Crisis

Thank you for reading my long post from last week,

I really needed to empty my head in order to get further

with my project
The Lounge – Go with the Flow, be happy and glow.

I started it 2 years ago and had a great succes, even if I in that
same period became a single mom.

The Lounge had 33 members and I shared all my knowledge
about life in order to show how to
Go with the Flow even during crisis.

Then I flew back to Denmark from Italy with my 8 month old
child. And then I got back into bad habits – which I had try
to leave when going to Italy in the first place.

I couldn’t justify my flow, because in someway due to all
the confusion from the outside, I became really negative.

It took me 2 years to get out of the bad habits and…

When I realised that no matter what there will always
be a flow in life a negative or a postive…

I wanted to create the positive flow
– a flow that I can follow in order to live in
peace with myself and my talents –

Here I share with you –
how I try to stay in that flow; no matter what…

  • Breathing
  • Listening to the answer from the Universe/God/My Intuition
  • Presenting myself for 3 possibilities
  • Create my own soup from the possibility I chose
  • Using the metafors the Pink Sky and the White Egg
  • Stop using screen when not working
  • Quit eating sugar.

When I get out of balance, it can take me a couple of days to
get back on track, specially when I forget to use these strategies.

And this is what I wanted to share with you, even if crisis, these
strategies can help you to think clear and stay on track.

The first and most important is to breath:

Thanks for reading.

Wish You the Best

Anna Ulrike

ps. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate,
send me an email : anna@calledda.com

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