Healing Journey

Healing Feelings

When I in 2021 began a new healing journey, essentials oils and gemstones became a content pillar. It was not the first time that I went on a healing journey. But this time I knew exactly what the problem/s were, and I realised why I never healed properly.

I was not the problem.

My way of dealing with my life was totally wrong. I didn’t know how to take care of & put myself first. Abd I didn’t know who I was.

Even though I since I was a little girl, studyied astrology, gemstones, tarot and so much more, to figure out who I was and what I was capable of.

Because untill realising the harsh consequences of adverse experiences, I couldn’t get further.

Now I know & share.

Wishing You the Best


The Power Of Life is Within You.

When we come to this earth we have the power and the energy in our DNA, and the oils and gemstones help us to build upon our super powers. But if we have been emtional dysregulated for a long time, our super powers are spent on healing our body instead of developing as a human being.

What Your Body Tells You

A lot of our surpressed feelings or maybe all of them, in some way or another show their way through disseases in the body.

The Power of Selfstudy

Studying I learned that my chronic and autoimmune disseases very well could relate to the feelings I was dealing with alone inside my head.


Gemstones caught my interest since I was a little girl. Gemstones are just like the oils – magic. They carry a storry of nature just like the oils. And the power is delivered to the one chossing and carrying the gemstone. There is a gemstone to all, just like the oils.


For many years I used brain hacks, mind hacks, life hacks, and they do work. The essential oils come with a magic hack. I don’t need to think. I just get the touch of the fragance and I begin moving in a positive flow in a higher vibration. The oils raise our frequency.

The Oil & Gemstone Journey

Researching on feelings related to signals / symptoms from the body,
I realised my own subconsciuosness believes about myself,
and how they related to all the disseases,
explainable and non explainable,
I have dealt with ever since I remember.

Secondly I related the feelings to essential oils and gemstone,
and above yousee the result of my research.
I have had Lung problems since I can always remember.

But during my healing process – it is getting much better.

The First Step

The first step on a healing journey is to shut out all noise. Start every morning with yourself. No devices. For at least 30 minutes. Do Your Own Thing, Put Yourself First.

Your Dreams

Another important Aspect when Healing is Your Dreams. Your day dreams coming to you at day and the dreams you dream when sleaping. Keep a dream journal by your bed.

You Deserve the Best

I wish for You to get the Best Healing Journey of them all. Never settle for less than the best and keep walking even if it seems blurry and feels hard.

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