Don’t try to fit in – You already do

When I arrived here at the planet in this body,
I had some difficulties in finding out how do I fit in?

3 thoughts really occypying my mind. 

Why all this asfalt? 

Where are all my horses?

And how come the adults treat us kids so bad?

Yelling at us, maybe hitting us,
and maybe other real cruel things.

Then putting us into institutions with other adults..
maybe not that cruel in Denmark
but still the languages of the adults could be so harming
and surpressing – 

That sometimes I thought –

why did they even work here
or why did they even wish me here on earth. 

Then I had a realisation
(I was playing with some toycats and I got angry with GOD
because he didn’t play with me and the cats and
that I had to sit here all by myself)

…the realisation was that I had been here before,
and there was something I didn’t learn last time I was here…
and then came to me that I chose myself to come again,
because of the unfinished business.

It was before I met my best friends mum who is Buddhist.

I think I was about 3-4 years old.

Today I am 43 years old. 

I have never fittet into society 

I have never found a ”real” job

I don’t have a house or a dog or a car

I don’t have a pension

But what I do though have is


a good payable apartment 

a bigger life experience than I ever imagined,
and I want to experience more

I have had the pleisure to be a home mommy
with my son for 2 years from when he got born,
I’ve paid it myself, instead of saving the money
I got from my beloved grandmother now on the other side.

It was a choice,
and I am so grateful today that I ’ve had that possibility.
Thank You Grandma <3

 Time ago my Astrologer JonnaStardust told me to see
my self as a butterfly that flies from place to place.

And actually – when I think like that I fit in.   

I don’t fit in when I think of me being a working
human being from 7-16.

But I love to work. But in another way.

Now in this era of human beings life we don’t only need clarity,
now we also need force and action in order to save the children. 

Why do I say this, because it’s the most important action
we can do in order to create a world where everybody
feel they fit in. 

But not by producing more toys or clothings,
but by producing more consciuos parenting and we do that
by creating more conscious living first. 

By saving our self first from past guilt and past traumas. 

And starting to work with our children,
the nature and with the animals and not against them.

And my biggest message

here is our soul is not hurted from our traumas – 

 We cannot hurt the soul,

only the body and the ego mind can get hurt.

Because remember when we meditate; we say –

I am not this body nor am I this mind – 

So what has happened to us in every past

harmed our body and our mind 

but never our soul. 

This is why souls come back in order to finish

what they came here for. 

If the mission is not fulfilled the souls will come back,

no matter what happened in previous times here on earth.

Souls, just like you and I

We are all free 

We are all equal 

We are untouchable

And we already fit in.

This means that

when you litterally
can step away from your ego
and your mind

(and your circumstances and the people around you ),
then you start feeling
your soul and you can start working from there. 

This is what I did and still do –  in order to let my soul rule,
and wauw did it rule in this post,
never had I ever let my mind and ego that much away. 

I felt like I fitted just perfectly in.

Anna Ulrike 

Piece Love

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