How to be successful when broke


My latest blogpost was about success, (Give Up & Get Success)

but can we be successful

if we are broke?

Many years ago being a student, life felt a bit broke

economically speaking.

In a period where I really wanted to travel every summer

and didn’t have that much money in the bank,

I still managed to travel once a year. And maybe even twice.

And this is how I did it:

I sold stuff and clothings I didn’t use anymore.
And I was kean on cleaning my clutter often.

I stopped buying freezing bags and used either
tupperware I already had or the bag from the bread
I bought in the supermarket.

I stopped buying plasticbags when grocery shopping.
(In Denmark we pay for them)

Furthermore I saved money on the electricity bill

by shutting down all standby devices when not in use.

I always had a little sandwich or fruit with me when
going out so I could avoid spending money on food.

And of course I had my own perfect water bottle.
(In Denmark a 0.5 l bottle of water can easily cost 2 eur)

Just by changing small things

in my daily habits of consumerism

I saved a lot of money. And I could travel.

The thing is, at that moment when studying, and being

broke, I didn’t feel that successful. I felt as a broke student.

But then today, when I look back,

I actually find myself quite successful as a broke student.

I managed to travel and live in my apartment – and study.

Being broke.

That’s actually not broke.

That’s prioritising once resources and that’s a successful
skill in my opinion – today.

I just couldn’t see it then.

Are you able to look at yourself and give yourself credit?

I hope so, you deserve it just as much as I did.

With love

Anna Ulrike
Piece 4 Love

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pps. I now realise that not only did I save
money like this, I actually also save energy and
I save the world for unnecessary production an garbage.

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