Piece 4 Love is created by Anna Ulrike, together with Marie Cheery we challenge us self and you to live the best life despite inner and outer difficulties.

A Piece 4 Love is a thing, a piece of music, art, a flower, a person or anything that in its unique form helps you to love yourself more, to be happy in the moment and to be proud of your life journey.

You are the most important piece 4 love in your life.

This page provide you with content about life and stuff that helps make you proud of your life journey.

Piece 4 Love embraces products with a responsible supply-chain, handmade or second hand. These kind of products show respect for the past, the present, the future consumerism – and yourself.

When we treat ourself better we treat everybody and everything better.

The best from us to you

Marie and Anna

Learning Quotes:

Take Your Head Of – So You Can Listen To Your Heart

Know Who You Are Before Listening To What Other People Think Of You

Do more of what works – and less of what not works

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