What happens during and after crisis when you start healing?

I didnt know I had to heal my feelings before jumping into adulthood. After blogging about fashion and life empowerment, I myself landed in a big crisis… I realised I kept jumping into relationships where I wasn’t seen. I was in a big crisis because I could see what happened and I didnt know whatContinue reading “What happens during and after crisis when you start healing?”

Consistency was my weakness

One of my toughest struggles in life has been consistency. In some ways I can be really consistent but then in other ways I totally lose it. Now I am restarting my life from scratch. I lower my expectations but want to be consistent. Being bullied has many consequences and for many years I thoughtContinue reading “Consistency was my weakness”

Miss Inconsistency

That’s me. Miss Inconsistency. Or was. When I started understanding the consequences of being bullied I got quite chocked. Bullying can really ruin a persons life. And for many years I thought something was wrong with me. Due to unleashed traumas I kept walking in the same circle, even I if started new life andContinue reading “Miss Inconsistency”

How many times can we start over in life?

When I was a little girl I had a dream of a life in flow, where I grew and was my life develop as prescribed as normal. Education, job, marriage, kids, retirement, death. Instead I got a life filled up with different kind of violence… and I have experienced several sudden changes in life thatContinue reading “How many times can we start over in life?”