I fucked it all up – No! I didn’t know better

Sometimes I really feel like I’ve fucked it all up. My career My possibility to create my own family My dreams My friends My network My Life but looking at the facts – I just didn’t know better. The first and most important fact is that I late realise that I grew up in whatContinue reading “I fucked it all up – No! I didn’t know better”

Why I did not tell about my pregnancy ….

Now after giving birth it is ok for me showing pictures of me being pregnant… but during my pregnancy I couldn’t make myself tell it to everybody …. Me, one month before giving birth to Silas Well… a lot of people have asked me why I didn’t tell about my pregnancy. Literally I met peopleContinue reading “Why I did not tell about my pregnancy ….”

Handmade jewellery from Sardinia

I haven’t been blogging for a really really long time After the fire in my appartment last year my life has change. And my motivation for writing just went down. It has been difficult to maintain my old habits, and it has also been difficult to establish new habits of life. But I did somethingContinue reading “Handmade jewellery from Sardinia”

All about new years eve

For the last five years I did not do anything particular on new years eve. There’s a reason why, but I tell you that another day. This new years eve was something totally different. First of all because I am using crutches for the moment. And secondly I eat new years dinner at a restaurant.Continue reading “All about new years eve”