Inspirational quotes…follow my heart..

I love them. Inspirational quotes. They make me stronger. They make me smile. They make me understand more about life. Inspirational quotes are pieces 4 love that makes my life more beautiful because they make me smile and they make my life easier because they give me advices and learnings I can use. A goodContinue reading “Inspirational quotes…follow my heart..”

When life feels fogy

I actually never thought about it, but life feels fogy sometimes. Like, I can’t see where I am going or what I should actually bring with me. Not physically but mentally. I feel like walking in the clouds, not being sure if I fall every timeĀ I prepare a new step. Which makes it quite paranoiaContinue reading “When life feels fogy”

Life before and after social media…

Before there was none now there are so many that I have to choose Choose which one to be on Whether to be active and social or passive and still little social… Before I had to go out and meet people, if I stayed home I would not meet any Which maybe means that manyContinue reading “Life before and after social media…”

Normally I would just take a picture

But it is too dark and I do not get the picture that I want. What is it? That thing about wanting that picture. Picture of what? A picture of how I want it to be? Or A picture of how it is? Maybe a picture of how it is with a filter of howContinue reading “Normally I would just take a picture”

I like the small things. No I love them.

Yes. I do love he small things. And I am talking about the small things in life and small material things that just make you feel welcome and taken care of. The last three weeks I changed place of living three times. From my own apartment. To a room in my friends house due toContinue reading “I like the small things. No I love them.”

The light at the end of the bridge

Wouldn’t it just be nice to find that special light? That light that makes me wake up in the morning ready for a new day. Ready as in smiling, doing things that I love and being with people I love. That light that makes me see a reason for life being. That light that makesContinue reading “The light at the end of the bridge”