Feeling Catlike in KatABlack de Copenhague

Why wear something everybody else wear? Why not just be the unique one you are? As many of the other item I show you on Piece 4 Love – there is only one – just like you. This dress is made by some very special designers I know. Once upon a time, they owned aContinue reading “Feeling Catlike in KatABlack de Copenhague”

My Father’s Jacket

  This post is dedicated my Father’s Jacket. He got it from my little sister when she worked at Bruuns Bazar like many years ago… A lovely present. How it ended up in my closet… I do not remember. But this fall I am curious to see how many looks I can mix with My Father’s Jacket.Continue reading “My Father’s Jacket”

City Trip, me & Marie

Me & Marie went out photoshooting for lookbook in new areas of Copenhagen, this time Bellahøj. Such a lovely day, with lots of sun & fun. My clothings are all pieces 4 love that has been in my closet for some time. But I enjoy to mix and do different things with all my clothing. TheContinue reading “City Trip, me & Marie”

Working from Anywhere

Yes, it is possible to work from anywhere today. As long as you have your phone.   In the home made bag I have an extra shirt, due to the cold weather, and I have my agenda, my pen and extra stuff. Sometimes I only work from home and sometimes I am out catching ideas, searchingContinue reading “Working from Anywhere”

To Let Go of Things You Really Love

“but I really Love it”, “but it is transparent all over” these are some of the thoughts when I look at this dress for the 20ieth thousand time..  And as long as I am in doubt I can’t let go of the dress,  I have thought about using the material inside a homemade bag…  Continue reading “To Let Go of Things You Really Love”

Hearts of Unika in My Mind

I love Unika & I love Hearts So when Marie and I went out for this photoshot, with my unika jumpsuit from Carlend, the heart in the wall of tree just fitted perfectly to the shoot. All items are some I had for years, the sunglasses from DIOR 2010 or 11, the Lola shoes fromContinue reading “Hearts of Unika in My Mind”

Look of the Week: Stinne Gorell & Patrizia Pepe

  The need for warm stuff in my wardrobe The look of the week is a little off season… normally I would show summer items, but the weather in Denmark is so not to rely on, so I need to make sure I have something for the fresh and windy evenings. The shoes from Bertie,Continue reading “Look of the Week: Stinne Gorell & Patrizia Pepe”

3 in 1 – just change shoes or accessories

    I bought the jumpsuit on a group on facebook the other day less than 50 euro, only used twice,, and it is a mix of silk and cotton…. it is my piece 4 love 4 the summer 2014, it is lovely, and I feel as if I was home, wearing it today atContinue reading “3 in 1 – just change shoes or accessories”

You can look as good as you want – but will that ever make you happy?

Yes, I am telling you straight ahead that your look has only a little part to do with making you happy. Sorry, … I got a chock too. When I was teenager.. around 16-17 I got the idea that it was all about the look. I dreamed about being a model, I competed in aContinue reading “You can look as good as you want – but will that ever make you happy?”