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Ballerina Fatale

As you may know Piece 4 Love also has a shop which is why you often find posts of photo sessions of clothing and accessories.

The shop is full of handmade accessories and 2nd hand clothing, because every piece you have is precious, and as long as an accessory or a piece of clothing is still working it deserves to be used. And that is why Piece 4 Love contains a shop as well…

You can have a look at the Shop here…

And here is Look of the Week:

This photo session with Marie was a blast.

It was the first time I ever wore this dress, and I must admit, it was a gorgeous feeling. I felled like being a ballerina fatale…. hehehe… especially when we saw the motor bike….and man do I miss that summer…. Cool Look IMG_0033 IMG_0035 IMG_0040 IMG_0046 IMG_0047 Beauty Look Motorbike The look on a motor bike


So next time you want to find new accessories or dresses, try to pass by Piece 4 Love the Shop

Recycle Your Stuff and be a Piece 4 Love…

PS. Do you have a dream you would like to follow?

Sign up here and get 4 tips on how to do it. 


unique designer items


Feeling Catlike in KatABlack de Copenhague

Kat a black

IMG_0024 IMG_0025 IMG_0028

Why wear something everybody else wear?

Why not just be the unique one you are?

As many of the other item I show you on Piece 4 Love –

there is only one – just like you.

This dress is made by some very special designers I know.

Once upon a time, they owned a special brand

KatABlack de Copenhague.

Creating one of a kind product,

to one of a kind people.

By hand.

And just as your life is a piece 4 love

an item like this is a piece 4 love

The bracelet is made by Anna…

and oooh yes I should have turned it around
so that you couldn’t se the final nod, but hey,,,
nobody is perfect…..but everybody is a piece 4 love

the bag is a noname brand bought at an outlet 4 years ago

shoes my show shoes from Lola Ramona

Look Good & Save the World

Marie & Anna

 check out the bracelet and more items 

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My Father’s Jacket

My Father's Jacket 2014-07-23 10.01.30 2014-07-23 10.01.33 2014-07-23 10.01.39 2014-07-23 10.01.56


This post is dedicated my Father’s Jacket.

He got it from my little sister when she worked at Bruuns Bazar

like many years ago…

A lovely present.

How it ended up in my closet… I do not remember.

But this fall I am curious to see how many looks I can mix with My Father’s Jacket.

Underneath the jacket I have my little black skirt from Samsoe & Samsoe 
and a black top from designers remix… shoes my beloved Lola Ramona

About my hair… oh yes I know it is a pony tale,,, but I think it fitted well today.

And as the former rollerblader, I couldn’t stop wall riding the bank!

Look Good & Save the World

wear your father’s jacket!

Marie & Anna

piece 4 love


City Trip, me & Marie

City Trip IMG_0270 IMG_0271 IMG_0273City trip Dior Glasses

Me & Marie went out photoshooting for lookbook

in new areas of Copenhagen,

this time Bellahøj.

Such a lovely day, with lots of sun & fun.

My clothings are all pieces 4 love
that has been in my closet for some time.

But I enjoy to mix and do different things

with all my clothing.

The cardigan is from Betty Barclay (2010)
suitable for daily and party use.

The Samsoe & Samsoe Dress that suits
every location.

And I can use every top and every kind of leggins
to the to above mentioned items.

I lovet it… and I of course love my sunglasses from Dior.

Look Good & Save the World –

buy clothes that you want to use everyday

Marie & Anna

piece 4 love


Working from Anywhere

Working Anywhere IMG_0311 IMG_0314IMG_0315

Yes, it is possible to work from anywhere today.

As long as you have your phone.


In the home made bag I have an extra shirt,

due to the cold weather, and I have my

agenda, my pen and extra stuff.

Sometimes I only work from home

and sometimes I am out catching ideas,

searching for new trends and new areas in how

to make better communication.


The skirt is actually a double skirt from Wolford

and the shirt is from Margittes,

last year collection.


The little clutch from Brics is my own,
and of course I took the opportunity to

borrow Maries clutch,,,, the pink one.

I love it.


Look Good & Save the World

with pieces 4 love that can be used in many different ways

Marie & Anna

piece 4 love


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To Let Go of Things You Really Love

“but I really Love it”, “but it is transparent all over”

these are some of the thoughts when I look at this dress

for the 20ieth thousand time.. 

And as long as I am in doubt I can’t let go of the dress, 

I have thought about using the material inside a homemade bag…


but I am still doubting…


take a judge yourself

and let me & Marie know.. more facts about the dress below 

first pictures:

yellow dress

Dress Yellow Unique

Talking to the flower …. 

Yellow Unique Dress IMAG1254 IMAG1255


the dress is from Bech Olander, Danish Designers from Copenhagen

who do not exist any more.

The dress is one of a kind,,, so now you maybe understand my doubt

The shoes are from Paris, and the have a great story I promise to tell you about. 

The clutch is Maries,,, and It is far from first time you guys see that on,,,
I always find an occasion to make it fit my look for the day.

So what do you think ?

– Should Anna keep the dress as it is?

 – Pass it on to somebody else?

– Or use the material as linning for a homemade bag?

– Or something else?

Let us know your opinion…


Look Good & Save the World with unique dresses

Marie & Anna

piece 4 love


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Hearts of Unika in My Mind

I love Unika & I love Hearts

So when Marie and I went out for this photoshot,

with my unika jumpsuit from Carlend, the heart in

the wall of tree just fitted perfectly to the shoot.

All items are some I had for years,

  • the sunglasses from DIOR 2010 or 11,
  • the Lola shoes from 2008 or before and
  • the bag from Malling and Mekka from 2006,

    which originally was camel, but I dropped a pen

    in the bag,,, and a blue spot was to be colored with the

    black nav ink.

Unika Clothing Carlend 2014-07-23 10.15.24 2014-07-23 10.15.27 2014-07-23 10.15.31 2014-07-23 10.15.54 2014-07-23 10.15.56


Piece 4 Love

Look Good & Save the World

Marie & Anna

ps. Anna have made these two marvelous publications, take a look here


Look Book Piece 4 Love

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Look of the Week: Stinne Gorell & Patrizia Pepe


piece4love_lookbook_june_SG2 piece4love_lookbook_june_SG4

lookbook piece 4 love Stinne Gorell

Granny Poncho by Stinne Gorell

The need for warm stuff in my wardrobe

The look of the week is a little off season… normally I would show summer items, but the weather in Denmark is so not to rely on, so I need to make sure I have something for the fresh and windy evenings.

The shoes from Bertie, I have had for a couple of years now, maybe 3, I only use them for some occasions, since I mostly wear flats or sneaks. But Bertie is good at making at comfy small heeled shoes.

My pants from Patrizia Pepe are one of my biggest pieces 4 love at the moment, made of wool, silk and polyester. They are good for work and for going out.

The Granny Poncho from Stinne Gorell is handmade in Denmark and made of 100% alpaca wool.

The sweat below the Poncho is a classic round neck of 100% Merino Wool.

As you know I buy seldom new pieces to my closet, but the Patrizia Pepe pants I bought in May on sale in a very fancy shop in Illum, and they were on 70%, I ended up paying less than 50 eur since I also had some points on my bonus card for that shop. So even if I wear the pants so much that they die before the year is over, I still made a good choice in buying pants that fits for several situations in my life. They make me feel comfortable and by that I look good.

I tried to find the same pants at the official Patrizia Pepe shop, I couldn’t, but oohh my they have a lot of other nice things on sale

The Granny Poncho from Stinne Gorell is an accessible piece 4 love since it is not something I found on sale

… believe it or not…

Stinne Gorell is one of the Designers in Denmark, who by her business model really tries to make you look good and save the world.

Which is why we at Piece 4 love help her sell her items… if you like the idea of making products by fair trade and respect for nature..

take a look at Stinne Gorell’s items at the shop.

Piece 4 love earns 10% of the shop price,

These money will be brought into piece 4 love, in order to make more nice stuff for you.

The rest 90 % goes to Stinne Gorell in order for her to expand fair trade business and responsible behavior.

Thanks for reading, if you do want to ask any questions, feel free =)

Look Good, Save the World


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3 in 1 – just change shoes or accessories

lookgood2 IMG_0098 IMG_0103 IMG_0104 IMG_0107 IMG_0110 IMG_0119

Look Good




I bought the jumpsuit on a group on facebook the other day less than 50 euro, only used twice,, and it is a mix of silk and cotton…. it is my piece 4 love 4 the summer 2014, it is lovely, and I feel as if I was home, wearing it today at work.

At work I realized that my new piece 4 love can change my style just by changing shoes and accessories. Which is why my post today is called 3 in 1…

The first shoot with the roses is a more casual daily look, wearing open ballerina, the loose fitting vest from designers remix with a little luxurious touch from the unique pair of handmade earrings from Pia Andersen.

In the second shoot I changed to my dune leather lace up shoes and used my handmande silk tie from Mette Greta, in order to make a more party like look.

But then I realized I can also make a look for work, binding my tie and wearing the vest again.

How I just love to mix my clothings, and know I can use it for more than one kind of activity.

I love my new jumpsuit, and since it is second hand it really makes me look good and save the world at the same time.

piece 4 love


ps. if you wish…check out more unique earings from Pia Andersen here



learning to be happy

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You can look as good as you want – but will that ever make you happy?

Yes, I am telling you straight ahead that your look
has only a little part to do with making you happy.


… I got a chock too.

When I was teenager.. around 16-17 I got the idea that it was all about the look.

I dreamed about being a model, I competed in a miss event and tried to contact photographers and model agencies… but I was not happy, even if I some where knew I looked good. And since I was not strong enough to be patient on getting jobs, I just concluded, that I was not enough good looking, and that I did not deserved better….

learning to be happy


But later, I understood something really important…

I hope you understand it before I did? – how to be happy 

Of course feeling good about how you look makes you feel more satisfied,
but if you are not happy in advance, a new pair of shoes or some other small thing are far from what create long lasting happiness inside your body.

Now I have finally realized… (20 years later…)

that I feel happy with myself when I

  • make things that make my life easy without harming other people
  • am together with people who makes me feel good and who make and give me space for development
  • when I make sure that I eat good food and sleep all night

I would like to give this knowledge to you and other people who have difficulties in finding happiness….no matter how you look.

You can see more stuff about how to be happy about yourself right here


why am I then on lookbook?

why do I sell beauty accessories?


how do that fit with my eager to save the world?

Beautiful things make me happy – upcycling things make me feel I am contributing to a better world which make me even more happy.

Lookbook and all its contributors gives me valuable inspiration in my way of making it easier to chose clothing in my own closet.

I sell beauty accessories, first of all because I love them. I know all of the products in my shop by heart and I love to make other people happy with upcycling or products with a really good story.
(read the article about the Danish Fairtrade Fashion Designer here)

By writing my thoughts about life and beauty on this page I feel I can contribute to the idea: look good and save the world…

Have you thought about what makes you happy?

Tell me about it, if you like,
Either in comments or by mail anna@calledda.com if you like to be anonymous.

Until then, see you on twitter or instagram…..

I you follow me and make a post tagged #piece4love or #lookgoodsavetheworld I will follow you =)

and remember:

you are a piece 4 love, cherish and take care of yourself everyday then it is much easier to look good and save the world.