Love Yourself

Loving ourself is the most important skill we can use in our daily life.

When we love ourself, we get more confidence,

and it is  easier to avoid limiting factors,

because it gets easier to notice and decide what is good for us.

We love ourself by loving the way we are, enjoying the good things we do,

and learning from the things we could do better.

We can start by looking into a mirror telling ourself with a loud voice:

I love you!

Remember to look yourself into your eyes.

It seems very awkward the first time,

but try to focus on the feeling that you get inside your body 

after you have told your self: I love you.

The feeling you get has something to do with the positive meaning of the words

I love you,

and that particular feeling helps you make your life more beautiful and easier to live.

When we love ourself we are also our own best friend who supports us in every single situation. 

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With Love

Marie & Anna




Change happens to all of us, and all of us can decide that change can happen.
Change can happen deliberately and it can can happen unexpected.

Some changes are easier to deal with than other.

One thing is changing our furniture, another thing is changing our life.

Change includes also loss, some heavier than other, but when
realising that change has happen or has to happen we can deal with it.

From the moment we acknowledge the change we can:

It is easier to keep calm and think clearly,when breathing.
Secondly we can actually get into really bad conditions if we don’t breath properly, specially when surprising news hits us.

Even if our body is about to explode when we tell it to accept
the situation as it is. Then accept the situation just as it is.
If we fail to accept use strategy 1 to accept.

Understand the kind of loss this situation has given
in the moment and for the future. Because that future just died.

If we have difficulties accepting the losses
go back to strategy 1 and strategy 2 –
and then go back to this strategy 3.
Remember to write down the thoughts
in order for them to leave our head and body.

Create the vision of the new life.

Even if it is tuff to create the vison of a new life (and trust us it can be)
then the best thing we can do is to give ourself some space and time
to create the vision of a new life.

Of course we cannot create it from one day to the other,
but the vision helps the body to move.
Remember that the vision can be changed while creating it in real life.

Do what we can with what we’ve got where we are –
this way we don’t stress ourself about not being able to do things
because we think we need new things in order to create our new vision.

First things first, one step at a time.

If we start running fast in our actions and our thoughts,
then go back to strategy 1.

And then come back to this strategy 6
so we can get a nice overview of our new venue and where to start,
while breathing.

Stay with people who are on the same mission as we are.
We need people who push and support us on our journey.
We need people who sees our value and make us feel valued.

Do everything we can to treat ourself as our own baby.

No matter what, have faith, everything will work out,
maybe not directly as we visualized but it will definitely work out.
Have faith.

Every human being experiences change in life, in some way or another.
Dealing with the change is the most important thing we can do
in order to empower ourself and get back on track,
creating the life story we can be proud of the day you die.

The 9 strategies here help us through the process of change.

Have Faith, We believe in you and your uniqueness.

Piece 4 Love
Marie + Anna

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Miss Inconsistency

That’s me. Miss Inconsistency. Or was.

When I started understanding
the consequences of being bullied I got quite chocked.

Bullying can really ruin a persons life.

And for many years I thought something was wrong with me.

Due to unleashed traumas I kept walking in the same circle,

even I if started new life and got new relations.

I got into the same mill. The same happened.

And then I started second guessing myself,

until I read about the consequences of being bullied.

One of them is inconsistency, and limitlessness.

When I realised that I needed to figure out, why did I get

inconsistent? And I needed to figure out how to set my limits.

Well first of all,

I didn’t know myself and I didn’t know my crowd.

So when I kept staying with people who

  • turned me down
  • ignored my feelings
  • pushing my limits
  • criticised my ways of dealing with a situation

then I felt like crumbling inside,

like small explosions in my body that made me so tired.
That I couldn’t keep up with the life I was trying to create.

Sometimes it is difficult to stay away from people,
but nevertheless, in order to change I had to learn to set
my limits.

This caused lot of troubles, and I literally lost what I thought
was my crowd.

Because when I have been perceived as limitless,

it was ok to change my plans in the middle of a storm
without asking me…

it was ok to step on my feelings even if I said it hurts.

Then I would always be perceived as limitless..

No way, my limitlessness has been a result of the bullying I have
experienced since I was little,
not only bullying on me but also bullying on others.

Experiencing bullying in general for me has been so traumatic,
that without knowing it until now,
it has disrupted my efforts of creating a platform for my elder hood.

Today I am 44, and last time I started over again was as a
single mum in 2018, to a baby of 6 months, the daddy didn’t want to
stay with me, since he suddenly didn’t like everything he loved me for
before I became a mum.

That is ok, we cannot discuss feelings,
but the way I was treated forced me to
leaving my dream of raising a child near wild nature.
With a mom and a dad near to the child’s heart.

I had to go back to Copenhagen Denmark and start all over.

With only one heart near my child’s heart.

And then I read one book, that forced me to change my life
to get rid of the inconsistency that continuously has
disrupted my life.

One book that made me see and start a research of

how to change, to know my self and my crowd better.

And I needed to set my limits…..

The people who gave me the benefit of changing,

The people who stayed loyal,

The people who understood or at least tried

The people who respected my limits

The people who walked next to me all the way

Are my crowd

Do you want to know how I dealt with it.

Stay tuned, I am consistent now. And will tell more.

If you can’t wait…

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Or check out our program on how to
know yourself better and be yourself more

It is your life

get the best out of it

Be Change

We are here for you

Marie & Anna

Piece 4 Love

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pps. this was Anna’s story – thanks for reading all the way <3

How to change and reinvent myself

It is time. Time to reinvent myself. Or change my life radically.

Did you ever tried to reinvent yourself? Or change radically?

Let me know about it if you wanna share it. Either in comments or write me

Reinventing myself is not something new for me,
but for the first time I have a kid by my side.

After 3 years as a full time home mum
I have to start earning money.
I have lived on savings and had no help from social securities.

Not even the famous Danish maternity leave..
I’ve paid everything myself

And the last 6 months
with a lot of help from my parents and my boyfriend.
I am so grateful.

But… my son is still home because he literally
doesn’t like to go to the kindergarten.

So I have to reinvent myself, change my life
since I am not able to return to what we can call a normal life
with a job away from home.

How I reinvent / change myself

Since I have tried to reinvent my self before
I’ll share with you my most important steps when starting.

It is not something that happens overnight, but some things
can be dealed with quite fast.

First I take a look at my values, do they still work?

The strange thing is, that when I first started
to work with myself, I didn’t have my own values.
Now I know my values and I can also see when I get
or let myself get disrupted in living by my values.
I can also see that the value of having alone time has to be
changed, since it is not working at all with my son at home.

Not that I can’t give myself alone time, but it is conditioned
with my son, and I have to deal with that.

Which means that talking on the phone with friends
needs to be minimised since my alone time is so precious
and I cannot spend it on the phone even if I loved too.

How I valued myself

My values and how I value myself are two different things.

And again in the beginning I didn’t know my value,
Now I know my value, I uplift people, it is a big value.

I make people believe in themselves, and I help people heal.
But first of all my value is that I help people
in knowing themselves better
in order to be themselves more.

I began to see my value when I observed what people
wanted from me and what I got back. Not as a calculation
of who gives what to the table.
but more an analysis of the communication in-between.

I have not written all my values or all my value,
these are examples on how I work with myself.

I will share with you, that it has been very difficult to live by
my values and to see my value due to how I once saw the world.

But I’ll also share with you what kind of knowledge I have used
in order to deal with change and reinvention of my life.

Sometimes change comes unexpected and sometimes we
deliberately change.

Here you find the 9 steps on how to deal with change.

Get the best out of it.


Piece 4 Love

ps. I’ll let you know more about my change to home working fulltime mom.

How many times can we start over in life?

When I was a little girl I had a dream of a life in flow, where I grew and was my life develop as prescribed as normal.

Education, job, marriage, kids, retirement, death.

Instead I got a life filled up with different kind of violence… and I have experienced several sudden changes in life that made me realize that I would never live a so called normal life.

I believe that is why I’ve opened the Lounge – go with the flow be happy and glow. Because no matter what I’ve experienced I’ve always tried to be happy and positive. And I know many tricks to a great mindset.

Later I realized that being with people who hide information and lie to me about my relations is the worst kind of violence, because when staying with these kind of people, I never got out of my bad role. Reacting to people lies and hidden information in front of them. To their face.

These kinds of revelations can bring really rough reactions with them.

I have been yelled at that I should go to the doctor and get a fix from my brain disease. I have been called weak, ugly, lazy, pathetic, stupid, bad educated.

I have even been asked to go to the doctor’s to get a diagnose so that I could get the help I needed.

But the thing is, people give me these kinds of reaction when I tell them they bully me or they lie.

They react with their sort of violence and I either leave or defend myself.

I have even sit in a car with my 7 year old baby, we were both on the backseat and the driver yelled at me for more than 5 minutes.

I started yelling after asking the driver several times to stop.

Then I asked to get of the car and he denied. I called the police, they wouldn’t help.

I had to spend 5 more hours with this person until he finally drove me home.


How do I keep smiling?

I see that what they do is on their account.

And then I reinvent my life again.

I treasure my values and I do my routines that makes me strong and mindful about my own life.

But when not knowing about my values many years ago I took some choices that made my journey even longer and maybe also more hurtful.

But I dont regret.

And I know that I can reinvent my life even if it is tuff.

Did you start all over and reinvented yourself.

Share in comments or to

Be your best friend every day.

Tons of love


Life in Pieces

This post is not a about a ruined life in 1000 pieces,

it is about getting these 1000 pieces to fit together,
in order to live a grateful life in peace.

One of the first time that my life pieces got a wake up call
was when I had a course called Language and leadership.

The best course ever with the best teacher ever, Michael J Capek.

He taught me to see the fact, that when we are born, we are born
into the communication of other people.

Since communication is almost in all we do, we thereby are born

into other peoples habits, life view and other peoples truth.

This means that if you are born into a family of yelling people.

Yelling becomes a normal.

This was a fact to me. But actually I don’t like yelling, and when
I yell myself, I get so sad,
that it can take me days to forgive myself.

Later on I realised that I yell when I get into fight or flee mode.
When I don’t have capacity or skills to handle a situation ..

And with the course of Language and Leadership I began
having other conversations with my self.

And a big part of my life’s puzzle started to fit.

With knowledge came understanding and with that
came place to forgive and grow.

Because when I realised that other people too are born into
what is normal to them. Then it was so much easier for me to
forgive and have compassion, but still take care of myself.

It was a really beautiful period in my life.

Then I realised that when I stick around people
with a negative or a closed mindset
– I start be like that myself.

And that is not at all healthy for me.

What is healthy for me is to stay with people
who without even knowing it,
help me makes my pieces fit.

So how do I know that they make my pieces fit?

I feel uplifted when I have been with them, even during
tough times.

I feel hopefull

I feel strong

So listen carefully to yourself and the signals of your body.

Some times I feel ambiguity – in some way a person
makes me feel good, but on the other way, I am not sure.

Then I give people a change, not an ultimatum but I try
to figure out by their actions how they make me feel.

Do you know this feeling when life puzzles together and
you feel the beauty of life?

And do you do anything to maintain in.

Let me know, let us share the pieces of knowledge
that make the puzzle of life meaningful.


Anna Ulrike

Piece 4 love

Ps If you want to know yourself better,
I may have something for you. Check it out.

Patterns Make Strong

In every aspects of life, patterns make strong.

In the daily routines you create one or two patterns that helps

you reach the goal you’ve set.

One day you’ll see that you came far.

What kind of patterns do you need to create
in order to develop your life in the direction you wish?

Do you know what you wish for?

It can be difficult if you are stuck in dysfunctional relationships
since they create negative flow, but you can do it.

This was just a reminder of what can help you on the road
to a nice and peaceful flow in life.

I wish you the best

Anna Ulrike

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get new inspiration on life and life strategies.
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Go With The Flow Even if Crisis

Thank you for reading my long post from last week,

I really needed to empty my head in order to get further

with my project
The Lounge – Go with the Flow, be happy and glow.

I started it 2 years ago and had a great succes, even if I in that
same period became a single mom.

The Lounge had 33 members and I shared all my knowledge
about life in order to show how to
Go with the Flow even during crisis.

Then I flew back to Denmark from Italy with my 8 month old
child. And then I got back into bad habits – which I had try
to leave when going to Italy in the first place.

I couldn’t justify my flow, because in someway due to all
the confusion from the outside, I became really negative.

It took me 2 years to get out of the bad habits and…

When I realised that no matter what there will always
be a flow in life a negative or a postive…

I wanted to create the positive flow
– a flow that I can follow in order to live in
peace with myself and my talents –

Here I share with you –
how I try to stay in that flow; no matter what…

  • Breathing
  • Listening to the answer from the Universe/God/My Intuition
  • Presenting myself for 3 possibilities
  • Create my own soup from the possibility I chose
  • Using the metafors the Pink Sky and the White Egg
  • Stop using screen when not working
  • Quit eating sugar.

When I get out of balance, it can take me a couple of days to
get back on track, specially when I forget to use these strategies.

And this is what I wanted to share with you, even if crisis, these
strategies can help you to think clear and stay on track.

The first and most important is to breath:

Thanks for reading.

Wish You the Best

Anna Ulrike

ps. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate,
send me an email :

What I wanted to know

What I wanted to know,

without knowing that I wanted to know it.

Because if you don’t know anything about a subject
you cannot even ask questions about it.

And I didn’t know anything about how much violence

and abuse actually affects my life, or affected…

Now I know better

and I have the responsibility to step up and do better.

But it takes a lot to make “do better” a habit.

We are born into other peoples habits
of language and behaviour.

And we learn that these habits are normal and ok,
even if some of them are not good or suitable
for a lovely and meaningful life….
and we take these habits with us, ….
if we are not conscious in every moment of our life.

I have been very conscious and have unchosen kids for many
years because I knew something was wrong,
not with me,
but with my learning and understanding of what I could aim
for and what I deserved in my life.

And then as 40 years old I get the lovely chance of creating a
traditional family, I took it,
but the dream cracked and now as 42 year old I’ve been
spending one year in figuring out how to live a happy life
with my son.

Of course I got hit by the past,
but luckily my age and my experiences in life had
made me a conscious parent.
That doesn’t mean that I believe that a young mother
cannot be a conscious parent.
But with my background and my story it was the best for me
to be a late mum.

Because if I had known that the abuse and violence
that I’ve experienced could affect me in the way it did
later on in my life.
Then I would have certainly done something about it before…
but I didn’t know it then…

Now I realised that my bad experiences have messed up my
habits and thereby my dreams and the work I did
for achieving them,

because I continued to live my life in bad cycles.

Of course a lot of good things had happened
and I am who I am.

But for a long time in my life after realising
my deeper challenges of my past,
I couldn’t stop thinking about which choices in my life
would have been different
if I didn’t continue to be with abusive people.

But really
I didn’t know about the affects of trauma

I got my own child,

until I got thrown back into my own past
and realised what has happened when I was a tumbler.
Because in difficult situations with my son,
I realise what I instinctively want to do.

Luckily with the knowledge I have now, I know it’s wrong,
so I have to find a new way of fixing the situation with my son.
And after fixing that situation I have to spend some time with
fixing my wounds from my time as a tumbler.
Because my instinct tells me what happened to me,
when it tells me what to do to my son in a difficult situation.
And sometimes that really hurts. Because it is not something
I want to do.

And if I knew that my problems as a teenager derived
from my trauma as a tumbler,
then I would have done something about it. But I didn’t.

And if I knew that my traumas as a teenager would affect my
pre adult life, then I would have done something about it.
But I didn’t.

I believed that I could handle the traumas myself
but I couldn’t.

And for a long time I didn’t know I was living in abusive
relationships, friends, work, family…

Now I know myself better,
and everyday I work on knowing myself better
and how to deal with myself in difficult
and challenging situations.

I know myself enough to know my limits, my joys,
my sorrows and it gives me this lovely inner peace,
even if chaos is around me.

I know my shadow sides and I also know when I fuck it
all up. And I can say sorry.

How about you ?

Do you know yourself ?

Can you say sorry when you hurt somebody?

Can people tell you sorry?

The better you know yourself –
the better you know other people too.

Thanks for reading.

Do you have any questions about life let me know.

Send me an email