3 lists that help you find your inner talents

A post about finding your inner talents Sorry for spamming with posts, but I have joined this fantabulous blogchallenge by Jeff Goins, tjeck it out here And I know I ow you a post about Marie, my absolutely gorgeous blog partner in crime, and I am working on it… but I have to give MarieContinue reading “3 lists that help you find your inner talents”

Why Piece 4 Love became a Blog

explaining why the blog Piece 4 Love became reality never occurred to me being necessary, but …wauw … did I not learn anything at University..?… the Why,,, is the most important! The why is what makes me wake up in the morning! The why is what makes me take more than 1000 pictures a week! TheContinue reading “Why Piece 4 Love became a Blog”

It is important to celebrate

To celebrate is a really important thing in life – Marie & I (the chicks behind piece 4 love) celebrated the fact that…. (drums please) We have more than 100 posts about pieces 4 love that make life beautiful & easy to live & how 2 Look Good & Save the World that is amazing.Continue reading “It is important to celebrate”

Send more love

what is happening? why is a 17 year old guy bullied to suicide WHY?????   If you ever feel bullied or bad, turn your head to other places other people Turn your thoughts into happy thoughts, by either imagining  beautiful pictures or words in your mind. Think, feel, breath love. Even if it is difficult,Continue reading “Send more love”

Cleaning while getting educated

Today I’ve been out on a conference about education and future for high school students. I was the one talking in front of all these talented young people about how it is to work with communication and how you get where you want in life. It is the 7 th time since 2008 that I’mContinue reading “Cleaning while getting educated”