Welcome to Piece 4 Love

Healing Pieces

They’ll remind you of the focus and energy
you want to bring with you on your healing journey

Make Your Life More Beautiful & Easy to Live

self study programs,
situational readings
or other pieces 4 love

Suit yourself with encouragement and power

NB! This Perioed Piece 4 Love Give 10 kroner for each physical product sold
and 100 kroner for each digital product or reading – to the Danish NGO Bevar Ukraine.

March – April Piece 4 Love runs the Animals Hidden Power Campain.

In the reminder of what animal energy we can use to heal on our
journey in life or our healing journey.

The animal graphics and colours are chosen by Silas, my 4 year old son,
whose future I want to secure by selling these items.
And I added the spiritual meaning on the back.

Besides getting the best energy for healing and growth,
you are also welcome in The Lounge:
Go With the Flow be Happy and Glow
where you are reminded and empowered
to make life more beautiful and easy to live.

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