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Life is such a bizar size.

We can measure it and put it into boxes,
yet we do not know anything.
Or from all we know we still know nothing.

No education teaches about how to live life in these modern days,
how to cope with ambiguity or
how to get the best out of it having nothing.

Your journey starts when you know and live after the fact that you are the most important person in your life in a great collaboration with the rest of us.



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“Knowing yourself – is the beginning to all wisdom”


Foto Credit Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS

The light at the end of the bridge

That light that makes me see a reason for life being.
That light that makes me satisfied.
That feeling of being me and being satisfied.
When I am really strong it is no problem. When I am really weak it is a lot more difficult. ..

Your Journey Begins Knowing That You Are the most important person in your life

What People Say

Is not always what they do


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