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And Tada… My new project (almost)

It is not so new, that I sell handmade accessories on my shop.

But it is new for me to write about

my talent of reading horoscopes and tarot cards.

So what is going to happen, and which makes part of my new project,

is that in order to show my skills

I am going to give away wisdom about life you wished you had before..

… when you provide yourself with a piece 4 love from my shop.


I cannot give away all of it in once,

and I also have limited of products on my shop.

Which of course create some limitations.


But limitations are good, because

they help us keeping focused and taking faster action.


The focus of my first part of this project is to give you wisdom about you.

Because when you know more about yourself,

it is easier for you to understand and love yourself.


Understanding yourself – helps you to love yourself – helps you

being a happy person who is able to make your dreams come true.

So from today and until the 7th of July you get introduced to how

to get to know yourself better,

when you provide yourself one of the products from piece 4 love.


I give you the most important wisdom about how to learn more about

your personality and skills from not only the Astrology and the Tarot,

but I give you everything I find useful on our journey to creating a life

you love. Which include understanding yourself, because as I wrote above,

Understanding yourself makes it easier to loving yourself.



Normally I only have handmade accessories, but a friend who is

working in the clothing industries thought my idea was so great, that

he almost gave me all of his samples from his showroom.

You find everything in the shop.

So… from today until the 7th of July – remember:

You also get wisdom about how to get to know yourself better.

If you want to know more, don’t hesitate,

just write: anna@calledda.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as i can.


With Love





My passion for nature made me a criminal

So …

Last year I felt like the luckiest person in the world when I started my creative project making jewellery out of conches. An idea I had since I was a little girl travelling round the different beautiful beaches in Sardinia.




I thought it was great to be able to make something beautiful out of nature material. I thought I could contribute with something unique, fashionable and responsible.

But then I suddenly realized that what I was doing was against the law. It is not permitted to take away stuff from the beaches. It is written in the legal paragraphs.

First I was really stoked about the fact that what I was doing with love from my heart, was illegal.

I could get a fine of 3000 euro if I brought the conches out of the country. But I had been doing that since I first time remember being fascinated by the beauty of the conches.

So actually I have been criminal for many years.

But leave that aside.

My biggest preoccupation is not that my idea failed.

No… my biggest preoccupation is that I can go into any accessory shop and buy plastic pearls. Plastic pearls that comes from the petrol industry,

Plastic pearls that never obtains a delicious patina after years (they rather get ugly by time)

Plastic pearls that are produced in millions and who not that unique.

And these plastic pearls either ends in the nature because my bracelet broke or they end up polluting our air because I throw them out. I don’t say that this go for every plastic pearl. Some are better quality than others.

But the fact that if I don’t want my conch jewellery anymore I can throw it back into nature and it will become sand or maybe another person would like to have it and use it. That is not the case with the plastic.

And if it is ok to exploit the nature and people to make petrol, silver and gold (link), why can I not myself make high quality unique jewellery out of material found on the beach?

I do get the point that if 1 million tourists every year take away sand and conches from one specific beach that is a problem.

But hey…. not everyone is interested in having natural souvenirs. And not everybody likes the conch or the sand as memorable accessories.

So …

of course I had to stop my dream project and I am still in preparation with my new idea. That does not consist of material taken from nature.

I’ll introduce you to that later this week.

Thank you for reading and if you have a unique accessory you’d like to show me, please upload a photo in the comment field.


🤘❤ Anna






The Night is Young 

The Night is Young 

Full of scars 

You look up and see the sky 

Full of stars 

You search for one so clear and bright 

That no matter how dark 

You’re Full of light 

This light makes you brave 

Gives you courage 

And makes you stay 

On your path 

Day and night 

You are sharp and so are the light ❤️

Xx Anna 

Ps. Let’s connect on Instagram @Anna_ulrike_

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Being creative 


See ideas come to reality 

See ideas change 

See things change 

Make things change 

Use what you have 

With what you have got 

Where you are 

Not only with your pen 

But with your mind

With your hands 

With your things

By doing

By seeing 

By recreating 

For the better 

And for love 


This necklace charm once was two wedding rings, but never used after the wedding – now 39 years after the marriage the couple is still together – the rings are united to one – and will be used much more. 

Thanks to PR manager Hanne Strandberg Dahl for letting me share the story and inspiring me to write the poem. 


Life is nice

Life is nice Life is spice 

Who would like to live it twice? 

Life is funny life is corny 

You don’t even get a warning 

Life is nice life is spice it’s sad it’s sore 

Sometimes I get really bored 

Life is spice Life is nice 

I’m crying I’m dying 

I feel free when I am trying 

Life is cool when I am flying 



Letting go

Of all that stuff

Clears my path

my mind

my heart

Where to start

Where I am

Where I feel

Getting rid of stuff making me unreal




Giving me space by letting go

Realizing what it is that makes me real

Makes me smile

Feel Alive

And full of joy ❤️


Stuck in stuff 

Last week I started something big… But then I went down big time …

I thought I was stuck in stuff – 

I thought I had the wrong stuff 

Too much stuff 

Stuck in stuff 

And maybe also thoughts …. 

But then I got stuck in the thought 

About being stuck 

And then I was really stuck 

Stuck in life 

Stuck in thoughts 

Stuck in stuff 

So now I just need to get unstucked ❤️