I want to tell you how precious you are:

You Are the Most Important Piece 4 Love in Your Life

Hi, My name is Anna Ulrike.
It took me 40 years to realise that unreleased trauma and emotional abuse
disrupted my future, health and feeling of belonging.

Don’t ever let it take that long time for you.

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see pitfalls
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progress in life

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Do You Feel


Then You Are Probably Not
Seen As The Person You Are

Or Maybe Even Worse…

You could be experiencing emotional and even physical abuse

But here at Piece 4 Love you have a place
where you are seen and understood
and you can begin to feel yourself and your worth.

And become the shinning star that you are.


A Piece 4 Love is a piece of knowledge,
an animal,
a thing
or anything else that
makes your life more beautiful & easy to live.

But You Are the Most Important Piece 4 Love in your life
to asssure to Make Your Life More Beautiful & Easy to live
in a great collaboration with the rest of us.

When You Embrace This Fact….

You Rise from the Ashes.

When I started this blog in 2012
the purpose was another,
I wanted to create an empire, sharing tips and tricks about
an easy and beautiful life, even when being a conscious consumer.
But I kept getting into difficulties,
autoimmune disseases,
empty bancaccount and smashed dreams.
Until I became so educated that I in the end
discovered the problem of unresolved
adverse childhood experience.

That is Why All Items in the Shop
contains wisdom of Healing and Empowerment.

The Disc pendant helps you if you need to protect yourself from toxic people.

Life is such a bizar size.

We can measure it and put it into boxes,
yet we do not know anything.
Or from all we know we still know nothing.

No education teaches about how to live life in these modern days,
how to cope with ambiguity or
how to get the best out of life when starting from scratch having nothing.

Our biggest journey starts
when we recognize and live after the fact
that everyone of us are the most important person in our own life
in a great collaboration with the rest of us.

And You Gotta Put Yourself First

This is what all my products are about:

Healing, Knowing and Putting Yourself First.

You can chose between digital learning programs or physical reminders

for more empowerment on your journey

The site is continuosly under constructions this period,
due to a rebranding of Piece 4 Love.
I am so excited.
Thank you for being here with me.

Piece 4 Love Services

Situational Reading

A reading on your personal skills, a dream or a specific situation – using astrology and tarot.

Statement Apparal

This Hoodie is a part of Animals Hidden Power Campain, which I run March, April & May 2022. And due to the world situation I give 20 kroner pr product sold to NGO in Ukraine. Follow me on Social media for updates.
Remember when you buy items from
Piece 4 Love, you also get access to
The Lounge
– Go with the flow – Be Happy and Glow. Monthly updates on astrology, tarot and much more about life and personal growth.

The Lounge

Go with the flow – Be Happy and Glow. Monthly updates on astrology, tarot and much more about life and personal growth.
You also get access to discounts on personal reading and access to masterclasses and interviews.

Know Yourself Better
Be Yourself More

E-program to help you keep on track with yourself, your life and your dreams / goals.

Put Yourself First

If You Have An Urge to Change the World – Start with Yourself First

I did not know that – and for a long period I was sad.
But since I know that being sad
was not a natural thing for me,
I studied and studied and practiced untill
I got back on track.

Knowing Myself Better in order to Being Myself More

And which is why I created the E-program.

Did you ever felt like fucking up in life?
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I fucked it all up – No! I didn’t know better…




why we can be inconsistent.

Success give up

Post About Success

Why are values important?
Read more here

“Knowing yourself – is the beginning to all wisdom”


Foto Credit Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS