Life in Pieces

Know Yourself

This post is not a about a ruined life in 1000 pieces,

it is about getting these 1000 pieces to fit together,
in order to live a grateful life in peace.

One of the first time that my life pieces got a wake up call
was when I had a course called Language and leadership.

The best course ever with the best teacher ever, Michael J Capek.

He taught me to see the fact, that when we are born, we are born
into the communication of other people.

Since communication is almost in all we do, we thereby are born

into other peoples habits, life view and other peoples truth.

This means that if you are born into a family of yelling people.

Yelling becomes a normal.

This was a fact to me. But actually I don’t like yelling, and when
I yell myself, I get so sad,
that it can take me days to forgive myself.

Later on I realised that I yell when I get into fight or flee mode.
When I don’t have capacity or skills to handle a situation ..

And with the course of Language and Leadership I began
having other conversations with my self.

And a big part of my life’s puzzle started to fit.

With knowledge came understanding and with that
came place to forgive and grow.

Because when I realised that other people too are born into
what is normal to them. Then it was so much easier for me to
forgive and have compassion, but still take care of myself.

It was a really beautiful period in my life.

Then I realised that when I stick around people
with a negative or a closed mindset
– I start be like that myself.

And that is not at all healthy for me.

What is healthy for me is to stay with people
who without even knowing it,
help me makes my pieces fit.

So how do I know that they make my pieces fit?

I feel uplifted when I have been with them, even during
tough times.

I feel hopefull

I feel strong

So listen carefully to yourself and the signals of your body.

Some times I feel ambiguity – in some way a person
makes me feel good, but on the other way, I am not sure.

Then I give people a change, not an ultimatum but I try
to figure out by their actions how they make me feel.

Do you know this feeling when life puzzles together and
you feel the beauty of life?

And do you do anything to maintain in.

Let me know, let us share the pieces of knowledge
that make the puzzle of life meaningful.


Anna Ulrike

Piece 4 love

Ps If you want to know yourself better,
I may have something for you. Check it out.

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