Miss Inconsistency


That’s me. Miss Inconsistency. Or was.

When I started understanding
the consequences of being bullied I got quite chocked.

Bullying can really ruin a persons life.

And for many years I thought something was wrong with me.

Due to unleashed traumas I kept walking in the same circle,

even I if started new life and got new relations.

I got into the same mill. The same happened.

And then I started second guessing myself,

until I read about the consequences of being bullied.

One of them is inconsistency, and limitlessness.

When I realised that I needed to figure out, why did I get

inconsistent? And I needed to figure out how to set my limits.

Well first of all,

I didn’t know myself and I didn’t know my crowd.

So when I kept staying with people who

  • turned me down
  • ignored my feelings
  • pushing my limits
  • criticised my ways of dealing with a situation

then I felt like crumbling inside,

like small explosions in my body that made me so tired.
That I couldn’t keep up with the life I was trying to create.

Sometimes it is difficult to stay away from people,
but nevertheless, in order to change I had to learn to set
my limits.

This caused lot of troubles, and I literally lost what I thought
was my crowd.

Because when I have been perceived as limitless,

it was ok to change my plans in the middle of a storm
without asking me…

it was ok to step on my feelings even if I said it hurts.

Then I would always be perceived as limitless..

No way, my limitlessness has been a result of the bullying I have
experienced since I was little,
not only bullying on me but also bullying on others.

Experiencing bullying in general for me has been so traumatic,
that without knowing it until now,
it has disrupted my efforts of creating a platform for my elder hood.

Today I am 44, and last time I started over again was as a
single mum in 2018, to a baby of 6 months, the daddy didn’t want to
stay with me, since he suddenly didn’t like everything he loved me for
before I became a mum.

That is ok, we cannot discuss feelings,
but the way I was treated forced me to
leaving my dream of raising a child near wild nature.
With a mom and a dad near to the child’s heart.

I had to go back to Copenhagen Denmark and start all over.

With only one heart near my child’s heart.

And then I read one book, that forced me to change my life
to get rid of the inconsistency that continuously has
disrupted my life.

One book that made me see and start a research of

how to change, to know my self and my crowd better.

And I needed to set my limits…..

The people who gave me the benefit of changing,

The people who stayed loyal,

The people who understood or at least tried

The people who respected my limits

The people who walked next to me all the way

Are my crowd

Do you want to know how I dealt with it.

Stay tuned, I am consistent now. And will tell more.

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It is your life

get the best out of it

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We are here for you

Marie & Anna

Piece 4 Love

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pps. this was Anna’s story – thanks for reading all the way <3

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