Do you want to be better at setting your limits, to follow your dreams, be yourself and love yourself more?

Get to know yourself better and be yourself more. Right here.

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Would you like to know yourself better
& be yourself more?


So you become a master of:

  • knowing your values
  • setting your limits
  • doing more of what you like
  • doing less of what you don’t like
  • going for the dreams you have
  • being yourself
  • loving yourself


Do you feel

  • lost in other peoples words about you?
  • you don’t know your values?
  • you are never satisfied?
  • you need to change?
  • struggle in your everyday life?
  • lost in possibilities?
  • you help everybody and you can’t ask for help yourself?
  • wrong about yourself?
  • you don’t belong to any group?
  • powerless hence being full of power?
  • insecure about who you really are?
  • difficulties in being yourself?

This course shows you how to get to know yourself better in order to love and empower yourself more.

I’ll show you how to use life strategies and techniques that empowers you daily.

You get exclusive knowledge on how to:

  • figure out your best and your worst assets
  • use every day techniques to cover up your values and how to live by them
  • cover up your shadow sides and use them constructively
  • work with your unconsciousness
  • understand your dreams when you sleep
  • be yourself

Included in the material you’ll find videos with explanations and narratives about the presented theories and techniques.

You also get worksheets and worklogs.

Place and time for the course:

The course is digital and you’ll receive material in your inbox once a week for 6 weeks. You get new materials every sunday.

Week 1 is about you.  You get a questionnaire and a video that helps you get to know yourself with your own words, your own experiences and your own knowledge. It’s not about anyone else but you this week.

Week 2 is about looking at your values ​​and your boundaries. You get to know them and describe them, while you know that these can always change and this is what you learn to be most aware of.

Week 3 is the dream week. Here you learn to analyze the dreams you have at night, and you learn to use that knowledge to get to know yourself better. You also get techniques for viewing and working with your shadow sides. When you see your shadow sides and know how to describe them and understand them, you know yourself better and your boundaries become even clearer.

Week 4 is about your talents, how to find them and how to use them. When your talents are at play you are naturally a happier person and when you are happy it shows that you are doing something that gives you inner strength.

Week 5 is about your communication with yourself. You spend your time changing the things in your communication that you actually do not like. You get worksheets and video to work with words, phrases and you learn to change those that do not work for you.

Week 6 Here you pick up and look at all the material you have prepared about yourself and look at how amazing a human being you are and always have been.


You will also receive my bonus material containing various recognized methods for getting to know yourself better. Both personality tests, astrology, tarot cards and much more. I’ll show you how to use it all and how to feel what works for you. It is important to avoid believing in something like an ultimate truth, it is about you acquiring the knowledge needed to get to know yourself better and use it constructively today.

You will find the first part of the material for the course in your e-mail when you have been admitted.

Have fun, know yourself better and be yourself more.





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