The Limitless Life – not knowing myself

One of the consequences of not knowing myself, is the

difficulties I have and have had with knowing my limits

and setting my boundaries.

My personal limits.

Maybe I was raised

with not being aloud to have my own limits

which concludes the consequences: difficulties

in setting limits later on in my life.

I don’t know the exact Why of

having difficulties in setting my limits.

I think a lot about it,

because the consequence of not setting my

limits in time is that I feel bad

or I make other people feel bad…

because I explode in the end.

Once again I was maybe too nice

Too understanding

Too pleasing

Too compassionated

But Hey… I am actually trying to set my limits…

…the thing is … my limits are difficult for other people

because it means they have to change behaviour .

But Hey… me too I need to change behaviour when other

people set their limits. And if I want to stay with them

I have to respect their limits.

So here comes my point,

where is the difference in me telling

my limit and another person telling their limit?

Some people say I am too nice when I set my limit,

but I can’t see how I can be too nice.

I mean a limit is a limit.

And isn’t better to get the limit before I explode ? =)

So if you ever see a person explode, maybe it is because

some other person cross their limit big time.

And instead of thinking that the person who explodes

is the problem,

it could might be the other person not respecting

a limit, who is the real problem.

I’ve been judged myself as being a

hysterical, yelling and crazy lady.

Just because other people didn’t respect my limit and kept

overstepping my boundaries.

And actually it can be tough being seen as the problem

when the problem is actually another.

Is overstepping another persons boundaries

the same as


I believe it could be.

Because as I write in my post about bullying

bullying means to seek to harm or to intimidate

another person.

And when not respecting another persons limits

it could turn out being harmfull or intimidating.

So again, if you ever see a person – an adult or a child

freak out,

then it could be a reaction to a kind of bullying

that is not at all healthy.

When living and working with people who continuously

crossed my limits well knowing that it was a limit for me

I started getting in alarm mode – it actually means

that instead of being able to use my skills in the best way –

I used half of my skills being in alarm mode

and half my skills living my life or doing my job.

Which actually means that when I look back on my past

I did spent a lot of time shutting down other peoples fire

against me.

And now I see

Why I always was fighting …

I couldn’t concentrate,

I couldn’t focus,

And I couldn’t stay on the track of my dreams

because I spent my energy on things that were not

working for me at all.

When I realised that I had to change –

I had to do my life differently, and

I am still working on it every day.

To set my boundaries and only stay in relationships

where I feel worshipped.

Of course people can without knowing it cross a limit,

but when they know the limit and have access to

respect this limit.

Then not respecting the limit is a bully’s act.

It’s a delicate balance being able to set the boundaries

and at the same time make space for other people’s


Good Luck <3

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What is wrong with me ?

I continuously asked my self: What is wrong with me?

Until I realised there is nothing wrong with me.

There was something wrong with my way of living.

Well it wasn’t wrong, I was doing things that didn’t work.

For me.

I could see it worked for other people, but I felt wrong

trying to live the same kind of life.

It didn’t work for me having a fulltime job. I’ve tried.

Several times.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like to work.

But I am more project related and

I can work for 100 hours in one week.

That means that I then need to relax in the other end

in order to get my house and my sleep back on track.

But then I missed a big point.

What if letting myself into dysfunctional

relationships – what if that was actually the reason

for not being able to work fulltime.

I have read several articles that it could be the fact.

And when I look at the pattern.

It takes me around 2-3 days to get over an attack of

overwhelm after being bullied.

In these days after I can be really tired,

I can have difficulties in concentrating –

and then the worst thing

…. all the small explosions inside my body,

but they call out for another blogpost.

After studying myself for years I realised

that I would never

get the answer of why

I have difficulties in working fulltime.

Maybe it’s because

I am an double air sign,

maybe it’s because of my

experiences when growing up,

maybe it’s because I am full of energy,

maybe its because of the bullying…

maybe maybe maybe….

But one thing is sure,

there is and was nothing wrong with me.

After becoming a mom.

I realised that I’ve spent to much time

listening to other peoples opinion about me,

instead of following my intuition and knowing myself.

Go with the flow

And I had to start over once again in life.

But instead of thinking of what is wrong with me

– I try to figure out

how can I make this work. For me.

Something that works for me is
to shot the world out and empty my brain.

Just not having to deal with inputs from the outside –

and no thoughts about future, problems or relations.

And then I enjoy the nature, specially the sea.

Here I don’t feel wrong or right.

Everything is just a nice flow of energy –

and I don’t have to judge whether I like it or not.

I am.


And I am not wrong. I am totally right.

And so are you.

Remember that.

Hugs and love

Anna Ulrike

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Bullying, its Consequences, How to deal with it

This article focus on bullying.

Its meanings, its consequences and how to deal with it

– if you are being bullied.


The verb – bully means – to seek to harm or to intimidate.

You can bully or you can be bullied.

That is not at all a nice thing to harm somebody

or being harmed from somebody.

Because – harm means physical injury,

especially that which is deliberately inflicted…

Even if it’s a word or an action without touching,
being bullied hurts.

This means that a bully in someway or another
deliberately hurts the person that is bullied.

Who decides if a word or and action hurts?

The person whome that word or action is used against.

Because when something is hurting it is also pain,
and pain is subjective.

It is therefore up to the person who is hurt
to decide the level of the pain.

– This concludes that nobody else than

the person who is bullied

– decides if certain words or actions

are hurting or not


What happens to the bullied depends on
how strong he or she is before the bullying has started.

In the moment of the bullying action
the bullied person can feel some sort of pain.

It can be pain in the stomach like a sick rollercoaster,

it can be sudden headache,

it can be a feeling of loosing all energy in the body
manifested as a rollercoaster in the legs.

The pain felled in the moment of the bullying action,
can rest in the body for a long time,

for hours and even for days.

This can cause problems as:

  • difficulties in concentration
  • insomnia
  • difficulties in relationships
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • self destruction
  • abuse

Separately and together these problems can cause

other big challenges as

  • keeping up with school
  • fulfilling a career
  • keeping a relationship to a spouse

So to sum up, bullying is a really bad thing,

and to be bullied generates a lot of other consequences

which we only see by time in the life of the bullied.

A person who bullies can definitely

be bullied him or herself

So if you are bullied – in order for you to be able to live a life
where you see progress the most of the time:

  • stop listening to peoples destructive criticism
  • get out of relationships in which you are being bullied
  • start healing yourself

Since this article focus on how to deal with bullying,

an article on how to stop to listen to destructive criticism
and an article how to get out of relationships
in which you are being bullied… are under creation.


When you suffer from being bullied doesn’t mean that
you’re a victim or weak.
The suffering is your body showing you
by a physical reaction what your brain
yet has difficulties dealing with.

It can be tough to realise that you are getting bullied,
especially when you realise who is bullying you.

So in order to deal with the bullying you can do as following:

Recognise the situations in which you feel you get bullied.

Stay out of these situations or prepare yourself
on how you want
these situations to turn out in your favour.

If it’s at work you are getting bullied then start being strategic
when you ask for help or if you turn in a project.
If you know a certain person will say a stupid comment,
prepare yourself on how you would like to see yourself be cool.

If it’s in a close relationship group you’re getting bullied
then have less contact as possible.
Even though that also hurts.
But maybe the less contact can give you time for
healing and thereby being able to cope with your own life.

The thing with people who bullies is that it’s so difficult to
for them to see how their actions are bullying you.

They can’t see that when they change your schedule
and programmes without asking it is hurting you.

They cannot see when they use destructive criticism

I mean first time is maybe ok, shit happens.
But if you start to see a pattern of words and actions
that hurt you, and if they don’t want to change that pattern.

Then it is not good company.

Some bullies even try to tell you that it is all your own fault

or that you misunderstood everything

– if you try to confront them with how they act.

A friend would show you they are sorry for hurting you,
without questioning and that he or she will do her best
to avoid to put you in a situation like that.
– A bully would say that you’ve put yourself into this situation.

And even if you did allow people to step on you or overrule you
– it doesn’t allow them to take advantage of you.

Like in hurting you or making you feel like a less worthy person
by their words or actions or both.

In the moment of the bullying – Try not to react even if it’s difficult.

Instead keep focusing on your breath and your mind.

Make sure you don’t take in what they are saying.

Tell them that you disagree so much about this situation
that there is no need to talk further.

And keep repeating that if they don’t stop.

It is ok to leave a room or a place if people don’t stop
if you’ve asked them to do so.

Just keep focusing on your breath and your mind.

Being bullied is never fun and it can have some serious
consequences if you don’t deal with it in time.

Trust me I know, this is why I started writing about life
on my blog. I realised the tough consequences of not
being able to see the patterns going on in my life.

The limits to my personal growth.

I thought there was something wrong with me,
and I’ve spend hours and money to know myself better,
change myself and then I realised I didn’t do anything wrong.

I just didn’t know better, now I know, not all
but I share what I know.

Thank you so much for reading my text,
I hope you can use it many years ahead
and protect yourself from bullies.

Do you have any questions on bullying – let me know, either in
the comment felt or write me an email:

If you want to empower yourself you can
learn how to deal with sudden changes
by accessing my mini course right here.

I fucked it all up – No! I didn’t know better

Sometimes I really feel like I’ve fucked it all up.

My career

My possibility to create my own family

My dreams

My friends

My network

My Life

but looking at the facts – I just didn’t know better.

The first and most important fact is that I late realise
that I grew up in what is called a dysfunctional family.


if I don’t fix the wounds in time from my childhood
in descent time, I can bring some stupid patterns
into my life. And these patterns are really difficult to change
specially if I stay with people who also live by these patterns.

I didn’t know that.

So for more than 20 years I have spent
hours and money working on
my dreamlife only seeing my work crack.

The dream crack.

The relationships crack.

Several Times.

And now after more than 20 years – I realise –

I didn’t know better.

Actually I did my best with the tools I had.

But I couldn’t see why I couldn’t fulfil my dreams.

I couldn’t see why even if I changed my dreams
and let go of everything.

I still ended up feeling like a failure.

Then I got a child.

And then I saw my childhood again.

And then I realised I had a missing Piece.

A missing Piece of Knowledge.

I did not Know Myself.

And then I realised why everything always fell apart.


I was missing that Piece, in order to heal myself in that
past when my life started a pattern
that was not healthy for me.

A pattern that I kept returning to –
that only ended up with me burning
my candle light in both ends.

At some moments I didn’t even know ny favourite dish anymore.

Call that brain wash of one self.

Maybe it is self bullying.

A bad pattern that allowed
bullyship in my mind and my body.

But still it was not my fault.

I didn’t know better. And so was the case for the people
who brought me up with this kind of understanding.

They didn’t know better.

But now I know, and I take that responsibility

– for me and my child

to get out of unhealthy patterns
and unhealthy believe systems that brings us no further.

It is called social heritage –
it is not mandatory to accept it
but the only way out is to change patterns.

And heal.

Heal on the wounds from the early past
in order to recover and do life in the best possible way.

And I healed, I heal, every day.

And then the Pieces came together.

Funny that I 8 years ago named my blog Piece 4 Love.

At that moment it was a fashion blog – covering brands

with focus on responsible sustainability

And that every Piece of clothing would remind us of the love

we give the world by being responsible consumers.

When I started transforming the blogcontent into knowledge of life

I didn’t know why, and that was why I stopped the journey I was loving…

The reason for not seeing my why, was the fact that I stopped
listening to my intuition and that I stopped being myself.

This is due to the bad patterns that I kept returning to.

But after getting my son and then becoming a single mom,
I saw the missing Piece.

And then I changed, I healed, I restructured my life,
and I am practicing my new routines in order to stay on track
and leave the bad patterns and belief systems behind.


A last very important thing – It cost me a lot of money
not knowing myself decently. But money is nothing when I
compare to all my dreams and great relationships
that I left or left me

due to the fact – I didn’t know myself.

Maybe you have the same feeling or know someone
who can benefit from this.

We are not alone – we are together.

Never too late

Thank you for reading my post to the end,
let me know if you liked it,
and if you want to ask me about life, use the comment box below

or write me an email:

Tons of Love


PS. It’s never too late to change in life, and if you want knowledge on how to empower yourself under changes, have a look here



Maybe I am a little stupid or

But I have decided not to put the picture of my son on the open internet….

A lot of people ask me why I can show my self and not my baby.

A lot of people ask me if I think other people are stupid for sharing their baby…

A lot of people ask for photos and I do send them in private messages.

It’s difficult to explain

I cannot explain why but since I am doubting so much about whether or not to put up a picture of my son I have decided not to put up any yet.

That does not mean that I think something bad of people who do. NO NOT at all. I think it’s nice to see the picture of my friends babies.

Even babies of people I don’t know I love.

And every baby is beautiful. Every baby has something special to share with all of us.

But I am still not ready to show mine to the world.

That’s why this post is without any pictures but one of me.

Please bear over with me and see you in my next blogpost where I talk about how I had to give up anything in order to feel successful 🤘

Until then, stay cool, calm and lovely as you are ❤

Why I did not tell about my pregnancy ….

Now after giving birth it is ok for me showing pictures of me being pregnant… but during my pregnancy I couldn’t make myself tell it to everybody ….

Me, one month before giving birth to Silas

Well… a lot of people have asked me why I didn’t tell about my pregnancy. Literally I met people on the street randomly and I did not tell.

They couldn’t see it, I didn’t tell…

Or maybe they could see it but didn’t want to say anything…

You know that you never ask a girl if she’s pregnant because maybe she isn’t and then you would actually offend her 🙄

Well I think I didn’t tell because I was afraid that something went wrong and I had to tell that afterwords.

So I only let people know who was really near to me, because if something bad happened I was not supposed to tell that to everyone.

August 2017, 5 month pregnant

And why this fear of telling people something good?

I think it’s because I many times have tried to be wounded and lost the things that I’ve spend years on building.

Relationships, work, ideas … and then see it all fall apart.

So for some years I actually felt that I didn’t matter – that my energy didn’t matter – that life didn’t matter.

And actually I have had difficulties in recognizing myself – which made me hide even more.

I didn’t want people to know how I felt and I didn’t want to listen to their good advices or critiques about how I felt.

Not telling about my pregnancy also meant :

Not showing pictures on the social media, which actually was quite difficult because normally on the socials we share our daily lives so I could only show half of my life…

…conclusion I posted less than half of what I used to do.

I was so tired

Which meant that I spend less time looking at other people lives that I lost followers….

But being tired is part of being pregnant, and I promise you I was 😂

And that is why I didn’t tell about my situation –

I was scared of the reaction of other people if something went wrong.

Fortunately nothing went wrong and I now have a healthy little baby.

September 2017, 3 month before birth

Next post will be about why I didn’t put up any pictures of little Silas on the social.

Until then…

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My passion for nature made me a criminal

So …

Last year I felt like the luckiest person in the world when I started my creative project making jewellery out of conches. An idea I had since I was a little girl travelling round the different beautiful beaches in Sardinia.




I thought it was great to be able to make something beautiful out of nature material. I thought I could contribute with something unique, fashionable and responsible.

But then I suddenly realized that what I was doing was against the law. It is not permitted to take away stuff from the beaches. It is written in the legal paragraphs.

First I was really stoked about the fact that what I was doing with love from my heart, was illegal.

I could get a fine of 3000 euro if I brought the conches out of the country. But I had been doing that since I first time remember being fascinated by the beauty of the conches.

So actually I have been criminal for many years.

But leave that aside.

My biggest preoccupation is not that my idea failed.

No… my biggest preoccupation is that I can go into any accessory shop and buy plastic pearls. Plastic pearls that comes from the petrol industry,

Plastic pearls that never obtains a delicious patina after years (they rather get ugly by time)

Plastic pearls that are produced in millions and who not that unique.

And these plastic pearls either ends in the nature because my bracelet broke or they end up polluting our air because I throw them out. I don’t say that this go for every plastic pearl. Some are better quality than others.

But the fact that if I don’t want my conch jewellery anymore I can throw it back into nature and it will become sand or maybe another person would like to have it and use it. That is not the case with the plastic.

And if it is ok to exploit the nature and people to make petrol, silver and gold, why can I not myself make high quality unique jewellery out of material found on the beach?

I do get the point that if 1 million tourists every year take away sand and conches from one specific beach that is a problem.

But hey…. not everyone is interested in having natural souvenirs. And not everybody likes the conch or the sand as memorable accessories, and not everybody has access to them….

So …

of course I had to stop my dream project and I am still in preparation with my new idea. That does not consist of material taken from nature.

Thank you for reading and if you have a unique accessory you’d like to show me, please upload a photo in the comment field.


🤘❤ Anna

Ps. this is a long time since I wrote this post, and since then I became a mum, read more about that in my next post, next week.





The Night is Young 

The Night is Young 

Full of scars 

You look up and see the sky 

Full of stars 

You search for one so clear and bright 

That no matter how dark 

You’re Full of light 

This light makes you brave 

Gives you courage 

And makes you stay 

On your path 

Day and night 

You are sharp and so are the light ❤️

Xx Anna 

Ps. Let’s connect on Instagram @Anna_ulrike_