Being creative


See ideas come to reality

See ideas change

See things change

Make things change

Use what you have

With what you have got

Where you are

Not only with your pen

But with your mind

With your hands

With your things

By doing

By seeing

By recreating

For the better

And for love


This necklace charm once was two wedding rings, but never used after the wedding – now 39 years after the marriage the couple is still together – the rings are united to one – and will be used much more.

Thanks to PR manager Hanne Strandberg Dahl for letting me share the story and inspiring me to write the poem.

Stuck in stuff 

Last week I started something big… But then I went down big time …

I thought I was stuck in stuff –

I thought I had the wrong stuff

Too much stuff

Stuck in stuff

And maybe also thoughts ….

But then I got stuck in the thought

About being stuck

And then I was really stuck

Stuck in life

Stuck in thoughts

Stuck in stuff

So now I just need to get unstucked ❤️

Writing the future 

Writing my mind 

Writing words 


Lists 😳

Writing about 



Love ❤️



Get it out by writing 

By reading 

And writing more 

Going back reading again 

Writing again 

The present 

The future 

Write it in words ❤️ 

The pen is yours as long as you’re breathing. 

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A Poem: On one hand

On one hand it is awesome not to have kids
On the other hand it is awful not to have kids
On one hand I am happy to be double cultural
On the other hand it confuses me
to be double cultural
On one hand it is cool to look young
On the other hand it is not so cool to look young
On one hand it is nice to be single
On the other hand it is not so nice to be single
On one hand I love to live
On the other hand I also love to live
No matter what hand
Love life and Spread More Love
Thanks to Lars Nørgaard for the photo, at Brunch Club Show 2016 

Give up & Get the Succes 

It sounds easy. It is not.

But the more I let go & give up

on things I normally hold on to…

The easier my life gets.

The easier it is to follow my heart & my intuition.

The easier it is for me to be happy.

Happy For Me.

Happy for the things I do.

Happy for the people who chose to be around me.

Happy for and with my son. 

And that makes me feel succesful. 

Even when I realized my dream life

couldn’t go on in the way I wanted to. (read about that here)

I still focused to feel the happiness of the moments I live in.

See the beauty in the surroundings

even if I didn’t like them.

I find the things that I like – a flower, the sky, a bird’s song. 

In the beginning of learning my self gratitude my body 

refused to let that feeling in. 

Literally my body tried to deny the gratitude. 

I realised I was so angry and
that was why I couldn’t let go.

I couldn’t let go of what was not longer there. 

I was so angry of what happened that I was stock.

When accepting I was angry

I let it all go.

And from that I learned.

The more I need to solve a specific situation

the more I give it up.

It doesn’t mean I don’t work on it.

But I work on it on another level.

I don’t hold on to what I want – 

I acknowledge it and accept it.

But I don’t force it. 

I say, I can do this, 

but I need help for this.

And then by working consistently and waiting

I suddenly see where I can

get the help from or from where I can put a new seed

in order to blossom in the area of my life I am working on.  

And this way I feel succesful everyday. 

When I remember to live like this, of course. 

Acknowledgement, gratitude, giving up and let it go

I feel succes everyday.

I don’t expect too much of myself

– nor to little. 

Give up and let it go and get the succes you want. 

You deserve it just like every body else. 

Success give up

With love

Anna Ulrike
Piece 4 Love

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you’ll might like to know more about life and change.

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