How to stay on track with life during difficult times, 3 tips


How I stay on track with my own life during times with

interruption, ugly thoughts, limerence and other total

annoying things that doesn’t help me progress…

Living in tremendous trauma that just kept repeating itself

I somehow managed to get my master, create my business,

live by myself, travel and have fun anyway.

Looking back, I can now share what I did to stay on track
with what was important:

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Part 1:

  • I cancel everything that is not life saving necessary.
  • I tell best friends that I for the couple of weeks are
    trying to stay on track in life and that if I don’t message
    back on small talk immediately or maybe not at all,
    they should not take it personally ,
    I’ll get back to them as soon as I’m back on track.
  • Delete all social media accounts applications or at least
    make sure I only spend 20 minutes a day in all of them,
    in total. Of course if you work with social media,
    you have to do your job, but then nothing else.
  • Stop watching television or scrolling any channel.

Part 2:

  • Every evening before going to bed I make a list about
    what and when the life saving necessary stuff need
    to be done the day after.
  • Before I go to bed I drink a glass of water, at least,
    maybe I can follow my night routine or I do the simple
    night routine.
  • Write down 5 good things that happened today.

Part 3:

  • When I wake up in the morning,
    I take time to feel my body
    (NO PHONE the first 30minutes at least)
  • I make sure to find the happy thoughts
    before getting out of bed.
    (when I suffer from trauma driven mode
    I have war in my brain,
    and I need to work extra hard on my inner peace)
  • I Brush my teeth (not with fluor)
    and then I drink lemon water
  • Sometimes I can exercise a little or do stretching
  • I journal, I use a mix between my own system,
    Mel Robins high 5 journal and
    The Crappy Childhood Fairys daily practice
  • I eat something, fruit, oatmeal or bread
    if you are not good at eating in the morning
    try with a little bit of fruit,
  • I never start my morning with the phone.
  • I look at the list I’ve made the evening before
    and start preparing the stuff I need to make
    (I work from home so I do almost everything from
    my home office)

I try to remember to plan to eat during the day,
when I worked outside home I brought my own food.

And I also try to remember to drink lots of water.

If you have any advice of how to stay steady on this task
please hit me with your advice in the comments.
I am still working on drinking enough.

When I’ve finished all the thing on the list I make sure
to leave my desk clean and ready for tomorrow.

After the meal I clean,
and prepare for the next day again making a list.

NO television and no use of other devices.
The last 30-60minutes before going to bed.

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This kind of life can be good for a period,
but I also realised that isolating too much
has negative side effects.

So after living a week or 2 in the so called
back on track mode, I need to get out again.

Otherwise, I have realised, I continue live an
isolated life. And that suits nobody.

Living a life in wellbeing and balance is something
everybody deserves, but there is no 1 fits all.

I share my experiences so you can get inspired
to create your better life.

Keep going


PS: if you need a reminder of why and how you are healing don’t hesitate to get yourself the planner

PPS: if you want to remind other people about your healing journey without always saying it …check out these posters

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