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Happy New Year – What’s Next?

Happy New Year…


Sitting by my front door, ready to enter 2015.

Entering the new year is like opening a new door to a place I do not know how looks like yet.

Somethings I can decide myself how things should be, other things I have to deal with and learn how to get around.

This year my focus will be on traveling more and to become more social.

Piece 4 Love Happy new year

Happy new year Piece 4 Love

I hope you had a great new years eve, and that you are ready to embrace 2015 with splendid energy and lots of hope.

What are you hoping will happen in your life, and what will you work for?

And how can you make your dreams come through?

Whether your dreams are big or small, anything is possible.

Here you see a photo of how I get my best tips to make your dreams come through

Dreams Future


If you want detailed info about how to figure out what you dream of and how to start following your dreams join Piece 4 Love here

Piece 4 Love




ps. It is of course Marie the great photographer who took the pictures.





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It’s All About You


In your life it is about you, in other people’s life, it is about them.


The most important thing you can do is to find people who are on the same mission as you are. Then you will experience interaction that will benefit you and your life journey.
1decitsallaboutyouandus, piece4love


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Dreams Come Through – oooh yes they doooo

You can believe me or not, but it is the truth, dreams come through.

It is about taking a little step, day by day, and then one day your are there.

If you in your daily life feel negative tensions without being able to know why, then it could be, that you are not following your dream. Maybe because you not even know what dream you would like to or is able to follow.

2decdreamscomethrough, piece4love


Would you like to know more, join here


Piece 4 Love





Take the good with the bad

Rainbow, piece4love, tool4life



Life is full of ups and downs so you have to learn to:

Take the good with the bad, smile with the sad,

love what you’ve got and remember what you had.

Always forgive but never forget. Learn from mistakes but never regret,

people change, things go wrong, just remember, life goes on.

-unknown author.

Look Good & Save the World

Anna & Marie

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The secret behind commercials

This video really chocked me, I have studied communication for many years, and the lady in the video really describes how commercials f…k with our minds.

If you want to look good and save the world… then we need to action on our choice when buying food.

Please spend some time watching this…




Look Good and Save the World

Piece 4 love


learning to be happy

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You can look as good as you want – but will that ever make you happy?

Yes, I am telling you straight ahead that your look
has only a little part to do with making you happy.


… I got a chock too.

When I was teenager.. around 16-17 I got the idea that it was all about the look.

I dreamed about being a model, I competed in a miss event and tried to contact photographers and model agencies… but I was not happy, even if I some where knew I looked good. And since I was not strong enough to be patient on getting jobs, I just concluded, that I was not enough good looking, and that I did not deserved better….

learning to be happy


But later, I understood something really important…

I hope you understand it before I did? – how to be happy 

Of course feeling good about how you look makes you feel more satisfied,
but if you are not happy in advance, a new pair of shoes or some other small thing are far from what create long lasting happiness inside your body.

Now I have finally realized… (20 years later…)

that I feel happy with myself when I

  • make things that make my life easy without harming other people
  • am together with people who makes me feel good and who make and give me space for development
  • when I make sure that I eat good food and sleep all night

I would like to give this knowledge to you and other people who have difficulties in finding happiness….no matter how you look.

You can see more stuff about how to be happy about yourself right here


why am I then on lookbook?

why do I sell beauty accessories?


how do that fit with my eager to save the world?

Beautiful things make me happy – upcycling things make me feel I am contributing to a better world which make me even more happy.

Lookbook and all its contributors gives me valuable inspiration in my way of making it easier to chose clothing in my own closet.

I sell beauty accessories, first of all because I love them. I know all of the products in my shop by heart and I love to make other people happy with upcycling or products with a really good story.
(read the article about the Danish Fairtrade Fashion Designer here)

By writing my thoughts about life and beauty on this page I feel I can contribute to the idea: look good and save the world…

Have you thought about what makes you happy?

Tell me about it, if you like,
Either in comments or by mail anna@calledda.com if you like to be anonymous.

Until then, see you on twitter or instagram…..

I you follow me and make a post tagged #piece4love or #lookgoodsavetheworld I will follow you =)

and remember:

you are a piece 4 love, cherish and take care of yourself everyday then it is much easier to look good and save the world.





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It is all about retro


hm_roteret.jpgIt's all about retro




Nice words has many meanings.

Retro means old school stuff with a nostalgic touch… and yes….

6 years is a lot… which makes my look rather retro, because I just

loved each look, for everything it could make me feel.

On the first look you see a pair of short jeans, which I still have – I bought them in 2006 …. I have not found another pair yet that is able to replace the way they make me feel.

Found out more about the looks on my profile on lookbook

What about you, do you have any looks that you really cherish?

Or a piece of clothing which just follow you?

Let me know, so I can get inspired for more articles about retro

Give me a comment or send me an email with a picture of your beloved items.

anna@calledda.com (subject : retro)


piece4 love




What to do about rude guests when you’re a waiter

what to do about rude people rude people

This part of a christmas comic is from 2008, which I created together with two creative artists.

It shows what you really would like to do, when a guest is pissing you off…..

I just read a post by Gabriel Lucatero and I found it quite relevant for this blog piece 4 love.

A piece 4 love can be anything that makes life beautiful and easier to live, which makes a responsible and sweet behavior pieces 4 love…. because they certainly cheer up life, 4 everybody near you.

You can read Gabriel Lucatero’s well written article here: CLICK HERE, in order to see how life can be when you are waitering.


Piece 4 love




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Time to time

For the first time I leave the word for another person on this blog, 

it is an honor to present a post written by a very clever lady: 




Present, past, future, before present.

Slowtime, fast time, time to be and just think free thoughts, like in a flow

Time for immersion; time to be with human beings, who stop time or make it past to fast.

Lack in time, the time that is slow, time to enjoy, to have fun.

The last time, the time before the time, that all the time becomes less and less, because time is moving and we do not always know where it went.

My life has come to the point, where time is very central – the first of my friends past away  some time ago. A sad time, which made me go through a time with many thoughts and time for reflection. What do I want to spend my time on, that time that becomes less all the time.

What did I spend my time on doing, can I peacefully say before present; I feel well and I am right there where I want to be?

Or did the time thief take the time, too many who just wanted my time, without giving me time back again.

The death, is that time that arrives to all of us and it is the time where time stops. It is with light and love I write this. I have been so happy for the time that has been, happy for the time I was able to past with my friend, who now is at ”home”.

I am happy that I time to time think about how I want to spend my time since it becomes less every day, and I have to spend the time on things that make my happy.

Dear you, who reads this. The other day I read a story told by a nurse. She had been there many times with people for whom time on earth was about to end. They all told, that the things they regret the most, was that they did not spend enough time on their beloved ones, they did not spend enough time on having fun, laughing, dancing, enjoying the sound of the waves or the touch of the wind.

Instead they had spend too much time on working and making things work out, because they thought that when everything was in its space, then they would get time to do all the other things. But things never worked out properly, because all the time new things came in and had to be fixed, and then the time past by without saying anything. nobody was able to say: ”goodbye I am happy now, because I have spend my time enjoying the fruit of all the planning and money I made.”

By the way… my name is Maybritt and I am a founder of the Danish blog The Cityprincesses www.cityprinsesserne.dk

Here we spend our time having fun ourselves or with other people and we spend our time blogging

Today I had some time to write a guest post for Anna which made me think about all the things about time.

Thank you so much spending your time reading this.

time is a piece 4 love 


Celebrating other’s pieces 4 love

This apartment belonged to my best friend, before she went on a very long vacation to the other side of the world…. but this apartment placed in Haraldsgade 17b, was a blast….. the way that everything was created by the people living their, the art, the extra accessories hanging around and the space made for equipments and stuff that show off a high level of creativity

Celebrate it yourself :


20120929_214304 20120929_214313The foto of the foto,,,, that you would see when you needed to grab the toiletpaper ….
20120929_214335 20120929_214344

How does your style fit your apartment ?

piece 4 love