How to change and reinvent myself

Change Life

It is time. Time to reinvent myself. Or change my life radically.

Did you ever tried to reinvent yourself? Or change radically?

Let me know about it if you wanna share it. Either in comments or write me

Reinventing myself is not something new for me,
but for the first time I have a kid by my side.

After 3 years as a full time home mum
I have to start earning money.
I have lived on savings and had no help from social securities.

Not even the famous Danish maternity leave..
I’ve paid everything myself

And the last 6 months
with a lot of help from my parents and my boyfriend.
I am so grateful.

But… my son is still home because he literally
doesn’t like to go to the kindergarten.

So I have to reinvent myself, change my life
since I am not able to return to what we can call a normal life
with a job away from home.

How I reinvent / change myself

Since I have tried to reinvent my self before
I’ll share with you my most important steps when starting.

It is not something that happens overnight, but some things
can be dealed with quite fast.

First I take a look at my values, do they still work?

The strange thing is, that when I first started
to work with myself, I didn’t have my own values.
Now I know my values and I can also see when I get
or let myself get disrupted in living by my values.
I can also see that the value of having alone time has to be
changed, since it is not working at all with my son at home.

Not that I can’t give myself alone time, but it is conditioned
with my son, and I have to deal with that.

Which means that talking on the phone with friends
needs to be minimised since my alone time is so precious
and I cannot spend it on the phone even if I loved too.

How I valued myself

My values and how I value myself are two different things.

And again in the beginning I didn’t know my value,
Now I know my value, I uplift people, it is a big value.

I make people believe in themselves, and I help people heal.
But first of all my value is that I help people
in knowing themselves better
in order to be themselves more.

I began to see my value when I observed what people
wanted from me and what I got back. Not as a calculation
of who gives what to the table.
but more an analysis of the communication in-between.

I have not written all my values or all my value,
these are examples on how I work with myself.

I will share with you, that it has been very difficult to live by
my values and to see my value due to how I once saw the world.

But I’ll also share with you what kind of knowledge I have used
in order to deal with change and reinvention of my life.

Sometimes change comes unexpected and sometimes we
deliberately change.

Here you find the 9 steps on how to deal with change.

Get the best out of it.


Piece 4 Love

ps. I’ll let you know more about my change to home working fulltime mom.

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