Who you are – is so much more and greater than the abuse you survived

Healing feelings after abuse

The other day I scrolled too much, but then somehow I wrote this sentence down, and I am so sorry I can’t quote the person, because I litterally dont remember where it came from.

These words hit me like a hurrycane of love. I felt potential, I felt love, I felt Peace.

Something Ive been craving without even knowing it was that.

Since Ive realised that my autoimmune disease (unexplainable pains in my arms and hands ) probably is a part of CPTSD, I started to heal. From the moment I read about it, my brain began to heal by itself.

One of the things with CPTSD is that I forget the good things.

And today due to my healing journey I remembered this good thing about my life:

Things I never talked about …One of the best job I ever had was at a jeweler in Sardegna Italy in 2016.  Not only did the Jeweler teach me how to fix broken necklaces from pearls, but he also taught me about recycling reusing redesigning and saving materials. This jeweler Renato is skilled to the bone in his work. And I am so proud and thankful of being a student in his aera.

The necklace with amber stones was my grandma’s,…❤

when she got older it was difficult for her to open and close it with the traditional lock, so I asked the jeweler to put on a chain and make it bigger and then she could use it, without a lock.
And so he did and my grandma was able to use it.

Now my grandma is flying free in paradise and I have the necklace now. Today Ill wear it.

The thing I wanted to share with this post is that there exists always beautiful stories in your life and when I really started to know myself I could begin my healing journey for real, and work on and with my potentials instead of suppressing them.

Take care of yourself and Grab a lovely day ❤

With Love


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