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Green Christmas


Sustainable Christmas, at least a little bit

Recycling bracelet

Yesterday we had our Christmas eve in Denmark. I love presents and I love giving them. But I also like to give presents that has a special story. Which is why when I give presents to other people, I often make them myself.

For my mum and my sister, I this year:

I found an old bracelet that I got from my uncle, I really love the real stones and then I split it up, and I found a long silver necklace that I had. Since there was three stones and since I had quite a lot of left over silver necklaces that I never use, I managed to make a necklace for me my mum and my sister. Since I do not know if they are watching my posts, I couldn’t tell you before now.

Recycling jewelry sustainable Jewelry

Sustainable Christmas

And I even managed to wrap it in without tape….

All paper and silk ribbon are either from last Christmas or from gifts people have given to me during the year.

Big hugs


Piece 4 Love

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3 in 1 – just change shoes or accessories

lookgood2 IMG_0098 IMG_0103 IMG_0104 IMG_0107 IMG_0110 IMG_0119

Look Good




I bought the jumpsuit on a group on facebook the other day less than 50 euro, only used twice,, and it is a mix of silk and cotton…. it is my piece 4 love 4 the summer 2014, it is lovely, and I feel as if I was home, wearing it today at work.

At work I realized that my new piece 4 love can change my style just by changing shoes and accessories. Which is why my post today is called 3 in 1…

The first shoot with the roses is a more casual daily look, wearing open ballerina, the loose fitting vest from designers remix with a little luxurious touch from the unique pair of handmade earrings from Pia Andersen.

In the second shoot I changed to my dune leather lace up shoes and used my handmande silk tie from Mette Greta, in order to make a more party like look.

But then I realized I can also make a look for work, binding my tie and wearing the vest again.

How I just love to mix my clothings, and know I can use it for more than one kind of activity.

I love my new jumpsuit, and since it is second hand it really makes me look good and save the world at the same time.

piece 4 love


ps. if you wish…check out more unique earings from Pia Andersen here



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I killed my bags,,,,,,

Sometimes you just need to change, change big time,

but maybe you feel like I do.

I like it the ways the things are. I love my bags.
My bags that I have had for more than 12 years, handmade bags,
practical bags, small bags, thermo bags, medium sized bags, and so on.

Today I faced my biggest fear,,, well,,, not that I have ever thought
about it, but today I mistakenly killed all my bags.

You can see the picture of the disaster later in the post…..

For the first time in 14 years I have to buy a new suitcase, and I stick
to the same brand as last time, because hadn’t been for my own
stupidity – I would still have my bags… but sometimes,,,,
even a piece 4 love need change… rest in  peace my lovely bags…

Remember to save your stuff properly, otherwise you could as well,

give it away…. it is a piece 4 love, and so are you


killed my bags

piece 4 love by Anna Calledda




Christmas again again

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and here it is again – the month of December

Christmas again againI love December, and I love all the decorations. They make me so happy inside. The decoration on the big picture is from Illum in Copenhagen –

The next pictures are of my own decorations at home. They certainly make my life more beautiful to live. Not necessarily easier, but definitely more beautiful.

piece4love own decoration

piece4love own decoration 2

I use things that I have in advance, and things from Christmas last year, this means that the only thing I shopped making these decorations, was the or in which I put the light,,, and then the rice, that make the deco looks a little of ice and snow at the same time.

If you do anything special that you would like to share on piece 4 love, then send an email to me anna@calledda.com, then I will share it on the blog here and on facebook.

piece 4 love, and a very merry month of December

piece 4 love arranging accessories

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Arranging Accessories & Make-Up

piece 4 love arranging accessoriesFirst step is to take out all bags and boxes with accessories and make-up. Then you consider each and every piece. Would you like to use them more, or just have them in your box for another year? Or give them further away to another ?

Looking further down, you will see some of the accessories and make-up that I found in my bags and my boxes which I daily would like to use more …

IMAG0165 My bracelet from my wedding – made by me from left over pearls that I had in a box for years without using them.

IMAG0166 IMAG0168 IMAG0169 This lipstick color from Channel does not exist anymore, so when I need it I use a brush to get it out

IMAG0170 IMAG0172IMAG0175 The neckless with heart is a piece 4 love I made more than 10 years ago. I believe it is worth keeping it, but I should use it some more, and I will make myself that task to figure out with which of my outfits that the neckless fits. IMAG0176 IMAG0178

I managed to pic out accessories and make-up that I really would like to use more.

I took old classic mocha cups and arrange them with the accessories I would like to use more. Then I can see the accessories every time I put on my facial lotion and stuff, and maybe I’ll remember to use all of them regularly.

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from sun to rain

the title from sun to rain is just because we in Dk have had such beautiful weather for 5 days, but now the rain is back

back to the post =)

It is very difficult to have a full time job and creating own ideas meanwhile, I feel sometimes I get stuck in the situation, but for now I’m really working hard to get money for a little vacation and to save some money to start my business.

it is a dream I have been dreaming for a while, I really would like to sell all these luxury handmade accessories that private persons are creating, just because they love to create beautiful items that we ladies always like to wear.

The unique thing here is that all items are either recycled or it is material that comes from nature… I have already found some Danish designers and I am preparing pictures, logo and stuff right now,

I am really excited about it, and I hope that you all are working on your dreams as well,,,

I think it is a piece 4 love in life trying to reach your inner dream

The picture is one of the shots for the campaign

The model is the Danish cheerleader beautiful Anna Granskov =) the item is the earring from Danish designer Pia Andersen




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Oh yes

Finally, and I really mean finally the sun has stopped by for a couples of days. Copenhagen can be such a stony place to be when the sun has decided to be covered by clouds bringing rain and this silly grey light that really makes one tired.

But now is time to take all my boots and winter stuff away. And I always take care of them, before putting them away. In order to make things last long if you care about them, do not misuse them and take care of them in a way that suits the material. 20130416_201129


So, here is a little picture of how it looks when I’m cleaning my all my shoes and boots, getting ready for the summer.

Oh Yes, that is a piece 4 love =)

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Oooh yes, still cleaning — but I am not the only one

I realized I’m not the only one saving things in my drawer. My grandmother had a bunch of old necklesses with pearls of porcelain, but she thought that the necklesses were to tight for her to wear. We arranged that I made her one new neckless of all the pearls of porcelain, so she could still enjoy their beauty and their story. And this is the difference between pearls of quality and pearls of plastic. The pearls of porcelain are still beautiful, I just took a moistered cloth and dried it over the pearls, and then they were as new.

Here are some pictures of the little project…but since a little phone accident deleted all my pictures, I do not have a picture of the final result,,, but this is what I did basically

Seperating the pearls from the old leather leash

Seperating the pearls from the old leather leash


This was how the neckless was designed before.. made by hand from my mother in the 80’ies =)

I seperated the pearls from the old leash, cleaned them with caution with a moistered cluth, and then I tried to mix the different pearls into one fine neckless …I bought some  silk leash …. and put the pearls together in a fitting lenght  in order to my grandmother to be able tot ake it off and on without opening anything, ,,,and my grand mother was really happy to be able to use the pearls again, instead of looking at them in the jewelry box now and then. 20121020_201831 20121020_202556 20121020_202641


So try to recycle your own pearls and jewelry… do something new with them … or give them away to other people who might enjoy them more than you…. there is no need to keep things we do not use,,,,


Piece 4 Love, Anna =)


Help My Find My Style II

It is awesome. On my question : how to reuse my pants, I got this good respond from Isa – you can see the full answer by clicking here .

Basically she adviced me to make my pants into a bag ! Which is exactly what I will do … when I found some other pants that can replace these….

and how funny is this? …

today it was announced on Facebook as always =) that a dress swop-shop near my place just opened. You pay a one-year member fee, and then you can swtich your still functional dresses that you do not use, whith other peoples’s functional dresses that they do not use. It is amazing when you have to many dresses and you do not want to wear any of them.

The name of the shop is Resecond and the concept is great:

Women need dresses, but the world does not need more production

I would though have problems wearing some body elses used underwear.

If you know Danish take a look at the article by clicking here, if not take a look at it anyway and save the address of the shop to when you come to CPH.

Visit Resecond  Jægersborggade 49 at Nørrebro opening hours wednesday-friday 12-18 og saturday 11-15.

I will for sure go visit the shop and make some new look for lookbook with Sunny, Hep Hey  … back to my thesis….

Just beacuse you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.


Useful Procrastinations

By the help of you people out there – I am on a mission trying to solve my need for finding new clothings to my wardrobe. Today I was supposed to make a short video about  my old lovely items. But instead of filming me and my movie helper and best friend Sunny aka Sunny4Lady  – decided to go out skating  (rollerblading) since the weather was good (which never happens in DK).

We went to Fælledparken which of course was crowed with small kids on skateboard and famous skaters doing photosession… but uuuii they were good,, me and Sunny were good as well,,, but we forgot to do real life pictures since we were busy rollerblading and keeping up with old tricks… and that is amazingly good for the figure =) and this is why I named the title of this post useful procrastinations… I just showed you how… and I even had fun at the same time

Now I’m back writing my thesis,,, so no filming today about my wardrobe of ancient content,,, but while waiting for Sunny before going at skating I did take some pictures of a pair of jeans and a dress which I really do not know how to replace. Do you have any suggestions ?=)

It could be so nice to get advices and tips on where to buy new jeans with a responsible story behind the production. Furthermore if any of you out there has any cool and easy suggestions on how to reuse the jeans… I would be more than delighted=)=)=)

I do not know whether the story about My God is responsible or not,  but when I bought the jeans 6 years ago I did not have these concerns =)

Can’t wait for your suggestions =)