To get over hope is possible

but of course it takes time. Months, days, hours, minutes and certainly not to forget… seconds. Seconds that can seems as months…or at least hours. Waiting for a hope, only brings me short. Going for a hope, is also about taking a risk. Taking a risk, equals in worst case scenario failure or in awesome caseContinue reading “To get over hope is possible”

Happy New Year – What’s Next?

Happy New Year…   Sitting by my front door, ready to enter 2015. Entering the new year is like opening a new door to a place I do not know how looks like yet. Somethings I can decide myself how things should be, other things I have to deal with and learn how to get around. This year myContinue reading “Happy New Year – What’s Next?”

Dreams Come Through – oooh yes they doooo

You can believe me or not, but it is the truth, dreams come through. It is about taking a little step, day by day, and then one day your are there. If you in your daily life feel negative tensions without being able to know why, then it could be, that you are not followingContinue reading “Dreams Come Through – oooh yes they doooo”