from sun to rain

the title from sun to rain is just because we in Dk have had such beautiful weather for 5 days, but now the rain is back

back to the post =)

It is very difficult to have a full time job and creating own ideas meanwhile, I feel sometimes I get stuck in the situation, but for now I’m really working hard to get money for a little vacation and to save some money to start my business.

it is a dream I have been dreaming for a while, I really would like to sell all these luxury handmade accessories that private persons are creating, just because they love to create beautiful items that we ladies always like to wear.

The unique thing here is that all items are either recycled or it is material that comes from nature… I have already found some Danish designers and I am preparing pictures, logo and stuff right now,

I am really excited about it, and I hope that you all are working on your dreams as well,,,

I think it is a piece 4 love in life trying to reach your inner dream

The picture is one of the shots for the campaign

The model is the Danish cheerleader beautiful Anna Granskov =) the item is the earring from Danish designer Pia Andersen




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