I killed my bags,,,,,,

Sometimes you just need to change, change big time,

but maybe you feel like I do.

I like it the ways the things are. I love my bags.
My bags that I have had for more than 12 years, handmade bags,
practical bags, small bags, thermo bags, medium sized bags, and so on.

Today I faced my biggest fear,,, well,,, not that I have ever thought
about it, but today I mistakenly killed all my bags.

You can see the picture of the disaster later in the post…..

For the first time in 14 years I have to buy a new suitcase, and I stick
to the same brand as last time, because hadn’t been for my own
stupidity – I would still have my bags… but sometimes,,,,
even a piece 4 love need change… rest in  peace my lovely bags…

Remember to save your stuff properly, otherwise you could as well,

give it away…. it is a piece 4 love, and so are you


killed my bags

piece 4 love by Anna Calledda




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