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Useful Procrastinations


By the help of you people out there – I am on a mission trying to solve my need for finding new clothings to my wardrobe. Today I was supposed to make a short video about  my old lovely items. But instead of filming me and my movie helper and best friend Sunny aka Sunny4Lady  – decided to go out skating  (rollerblading) since the weather was good (which never happens in DK).

We went to Fælledparken which of course was crowed with small kids on skateboard and famous skaters doing photosession… but uuuii they were good,, me and Sunny were good as well,,, but we forgot to do real life pictures since we were busy rollerblading and keeping up with old tricks… and that is amazingly good for the figure =) and this is why I named the title of this post useful procrastinations… I just showed you how… and I even had fun at the same time

Now I’m back writing my thesis,,, so no filming today about my wardrobe of ancient content,,, but while waiting for Sunny before going at skating I did take some pictures of a pair of jeans and a dress which I really do not know how to replace. Do you have any suggestions ?=)

It could be so nice to get advices and tips on where to buy new jeans with a responsible story behind the production. Furthermore if any of you out there has any cool and easy suggestions on how to reuse the jeans… I would be more than delighted=)=)=)

I do not know whether the story about My God is responsible or not,  but when I bought the jeans 6 years ago I did not have these concerns =)

Can’t wait for your suggestions =)


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3 thoughts on “Useful Procrastinations

  1. If you open your jeans in the middle and then put in together, your jeans become a big bag. My laundry bag is made with and old jeans 🙂

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