Handmade jewellery from Sardinia

I haven’t been blogging for a really really long time After the fire in my appartment last year my life has change. And my motivation for writing just went down. It has been difficult to maintain my old habits, and it has also been difficult to establish new habits of life. But I did somethingContinue reading “Handmade jewellery from Sardinia”

What I actually look for When Traveling

As every other human being, I look for things when I travel. But one thing particular is bags & shoes. The last 4 weeks I have been traveling around in my own country Denmark, but also in Europe. Both for pleasure & work. And this time I will present to you men’s accessories. Because someContinue reading “What I actually look for When Traveling”

Feeling Catlike in KatABlack de Copenhague

Why wear something everybody else wear? Why not just be the unique one you are? As many of the other item I show you on Piece 4 Love – there is only one – just like you. This dress is made by some very special designers I know. Once upon a time, they owned aContinue reading “Feeling Catlike in KatABlack de Copenhague”

3 in 1 – just change shoes or accessories

    I bought the jumpsuit on a group on facebook the other day less than 50 euro, only used twice,, and it is a mix of silk and cotton…. it is my piece 4 love 4 the summer 2014, it is lovely, and I feel as if I was home, wearing it today atContinue reading “3 in 1 – just change shoes or accessories”