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My passion for nature made me a criminal

So …

Last year I felt like the luckiest person in the world when I started my creative project making jewellery out of conches. An idea I had since I was a little girl travelling round the different beautiful beaches in Sardinia.




I thought it was great to be able to make something beautiful out of nature material. I thought I could contribute with something unique, fashionable and responsible.

But then I suddenly realized that what I was doing was against the law. It is not permitted to take away stuff from the beaches. It is written in the legal paragraphs.

First I was really stoked about the fact that what I was doing with love from my heart, was illegal.

I could get a fine of 3000 euro if I brought the conches out of the country. But I had been doing that since I first time remember being fascinated by the beauty of the conches.

So actually I have been criminal for many years.

But leave that aside.

My biggest preoccupation is not that my idea failed.

No… my biggest preoccupation is that I can go into any accessory shop and buy plastic pearls. Plastic pearls that comes from the petrol industry,

Plastic pearls that never obtains a delicious patina after years (they rather get ugly by time)

Plastic pearls that are produced in millions and who not that unique.

And these plastic pearls either ends in the nature because my bracelet broke or they end up polluting our air because I throw them out. I don’t say that this go for every plastic pearl. Some are better quality than others.

But the fact that if I don’t want my conch jewellery anymore I can throw it back into nature and it will become sand or maybe another person would like to have it and use it. That is not the case with the plastic.

And if it is ok to exploit the nature and people to make petrol, silver and gold, why can I not myself make high quality unique jewellery out of material found on the beach?

I do get the point that if 1 million tourists every year take away sand and conches from one specific beach that is a problem.

But hey…. not everyone is interested in having natural souvenirs. And not everybody likes the conch or the sand as memorable accessories, and not everybody has access to them….

So …

of course I had to stop my dream project and I am still in preparation with my new idea. That does not consist of material taken from nature.

Thank you for reading and if you have a unique accessory you’d like to show me, please upload a photo in the comment field.


🤘❤ Anna

Ps. this is a long time since I wrote this post, and since then I became a mum, read more about that in my next post, next week.





accessories unique

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Handmade jewellery from Sardinia


I haven’t been blogging for a really really long time

accessories unique

After the fire in my appartment last year my life has change.

And my motivation for writing just went down.

It has been difficult to maintain my old habits, and it has also been difficult to establish new habits of life.

But I did something I  always wanted

I am creative with the things I love 

And I can live  by it 

I am so grateful for my life as it is right now,

 I am so grateful for the things I am creating.

Thanks for reading 

And remember this blog is more about stuff

It’s also about life and style 

conch unique

See my things on my shop

and follow my stories about

saving the world a little bit every day

and still looking good.

Piece 4 Love


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What I actually look for When Traveling

As every other human being, I look for things when I travel.

But one thing particular is bags & shoes.

The last 4 weeks I have been traveling around in my own country Denmark, but also in Europe. Both for pleasure & work.

And this time I will present to you men’s accessories. Because some men are really good in combining & keeping their accessories.

The first two pictures are from a train trip, and the bag and the shoes belongs to the same person. I do not know him,,, but in the phone he said to another person: “do we meet at the mayors office…” I wonder what he is doing…but bag to his accessories

The bag is more then 10 years old…soooo cool…. and the shoes also last for a long time, but I forgot to ask for how long he had them… and even if the colors of the bag and the shoes were not the same, the style was optimal…

IMAG2097 IMAG2099

The next three pictures are the accessories of two really cool men that I know because I am so lucky that they are my colleagues. These men helps a lot of other men to avoid ending up in social chaos due to all these divorces happening in Denmark (and a lot of other countries)…. And while save the world, they look good…


IMAG2023 IMAG2024


Third picture is from the airport in Brussels. A guy was talking on the phone & when finished he puts his phone into this marvelous little home made bag. He himself chose the color & the pattern. And he made his wife make it for him. Amaaaazing. This is really a study for fashion fanatics.


But hey… I just realized I have two other really cool pictures off men’s accessories, I took them summer 2014… at my Social Media Class at Bigum & Co. The classes were really cool & so were our teachers to personalize & brand themselves with their own style & knowledge.

Bigum SoME MA

IMAG1000I do have thing for the Danish Slipper… Mao Shoes….

Life is more than about accessories, but when traveling around the world it is a good time spent for me, looking at others peoples accessories,,, this time it was the men’s…..

What do you look for when traveling & waiting?

Piece 4 Love



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unique designer items


Feeling Catlike in KatABlack de Copenhague

Kat a black

IMG_0024 IMG_0025 IMG_0028

Why wear something everybody else wear?

Why not just be the unique one you are?

As many of the other item I show you on Piece 4 Love –

there is only one – just like you.

This dress is made by some very special designers I know.

Once upon a time, they owned a special brand

KatABlack de Copenhague.

Creating one of a kind product,

to one of a kind people.

By hand.

And just as your life is a piece 4 love

an item like this is a piece 4 love

The bracelet is made by Anna…

and oooh yes I should have turned it around
so that you couldn’t se the final nod, but hey,,,
nobody is perfect…..but everybody is a piece 4 love

the bag is a noname brand bought at an outlet 4 years ago

shoes my show shoes from Lola Ramona

Look Good & Save the World

Marie & Anna

 check out the bracelet and more items 

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3 in 1 – just change shoes or accessories

lookgood2 IMG_0098 IMG_0103 IMG_0104 IMG_0107 IMG_0110 IMG_0119

Look Good




I bought the jumpsuit on a group on facebook the other day less than 50 euro, only used twice,, and it is a mix of silk and cotton…. it is my piece 4 love 4 the summer 2014, it is lovely, and I feel as if I was home, wearing it today at work.

At work I realized that my new piece 4 love can change my style just by changing shoes and accessories. Which is why my post today is called 3 in 1…

The first shoot with the roses is a more casual daily look, wearing open ballerina, the loose fitting vest from designers remix with a little luxurious touch from the unique pair of handmade earrings from Pia Andersen.

In the second shoot I changed to my dune leather lace up shoes and used my handmande silk tie from Mette Greta, in order to make a more party like look.

But then I realized I can also make a look for work, binding my tie and wearing the vest again.

How I just love to mix my clothings, and know I can use it for more than one kind of activity.

I love my new jumpsuit, and since it is second hand it really makes me look good and save the world at the same time.

piece 4 love


ps. if you wish…check out more unique earings from Pia Andersen here



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from sun to rain

the title from sun to rain is just because we in Dk have had such beautiful weather for 5 days, but now the rain is back

back to the post =)

It is very difficult to have a full time job and creating own ideas meanwhile, I feel sometimes I get stuck in the situation, but for now I’m really working hard to get money for a little vacation and to save some money to start my business.

it is a dream I have been dreaming for a while, I really would like to sell all these luxury handmade accessories that private persons are creating, just because they love to create beautiful items that we ladies always like to wear.

The unique thing here is that all items are either recycled or it is material that comes from nature… I have already found some Danish designers and I am preparing pictures, logo and stuff right now,

I am really excited about it, and I hope that you all are working on your dreams as well,,,

I think it is a piece 4 love in life trying to reach your inner dream

The picture is one of the shots for the campaign

The model is the Danish cheerleader beautiful Anna Granskov =) the item is the earring from Danish designer Pia Andersen




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Use what you have

Sometimes we like to change our surroundings, we like to see new things in our home. But it is not always we have money for buying all what we want. Other times we have so many things that we do not know what to do with or we have some things that we would like to keep and charise. In any part of life when you would like to change something the best advice is to do what you can with what you have where you are. The same goes for when you want to decorate your home without money.

Combining these I will give you some tips on how to redeco your home with some of the things you might already have.

All the things in this posting has something to do with the shoe brand Lola Ramona. It is a coincidence but I think it is funny that a shoe brand can do much more than being shoes.

This painting from my father is pending with a leather lace forom a pair of winter boots. The boots have done their purpose but the xtra laces was so new that I could not get my self to throw them out. And now they are in perfect use on the wall.

The shoe is a sample from Lola Ramona that never went into production. At the Lola Ramona office the shoes that had no partner were used as door stoppers. In my house the windows are very big, so this shoe here is both a window stopper and a pen and other stuff keeper.

This little bag is made out of the top of a pair of long Lola Boots that I found was too long for my legs. The bottom has just been put together in the wholes with a silk thread.

And this is a little coffee container which I just added tons of stickers from Lola Ramona. It is 3 years since I worked there, but the stickers are still lasting, and now I can watch nice stickers everyday instead of only looking at them when cleaning papers and stuff in the drawers…

If you have nice tips on how to recycle things into other things let me hear from you =)