Oooh yes, still cleaning — but I am not the only one

I realized I’m not the only one saving things in my drawer. My grandmother had a bunch of old necklesses with pearls of porcelain, but she thought that the necklesses were to tight for her to wear. We arranged that I made her one new neckless of all the pearls of porcelain, so she could still enjoy their beauty and their story. And this is the difference between pearls of quality and pearls of plastic. The pearls of porcelain are still beautiful, I just took a moistered cloth and dried it over the pearls, and then they were as new.

Here are some pictures of the little project…but since a little phone accident deleted all my pictures, I do not have a picture of the final result,,, but this is what I did basically

Seperating the pearls from the old leather leash
Seperating the pearls from the old leather leash
This was how the neckless was designed before.. made by hand from my mother in the 80’ies =)

I seperated the pearls from the old leash, cleaned them with caution with a moistered cluth, and then I tried to mix the different pearls into one fine neckless …I bought some  silk leash …. and put the pearls together in a fitting lenght  in order to my grandmother to be able tot ake it off and on without opening anything, ,,,and my grand mother was really happy to be able to use the pearls again, instead of looking at them in the jewelry box now and then. 20121020_201831 20121020_202556 20121020_202641


So try to recycle your own pearls and jewelry… do something new with them … or give them away to other people who might enjoy them more than you…. there is no need to keep things we do not use,,,,


Piece 4 Love, Anna =)

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