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Sustainable Christmas, at least a little bit

Recycling bracelet

Yesterday we had our Christmas eve in Denmark. I love presents and I love giving them. But I also like to give presents that has a special story. Which is whyΒ when I give presents to other people, I often make them myself.

For my mum and my sister, I this year:

I found an old bracelet that I got from my uncle, I really love the real stones and then I split it up, and I found a long silver necklace that I had. Since there was three stones and since I had quite a lot of left over silver necklaces that I never use, I managed to make a necklace for me my mum and my sister. Since I do not know if they are watching my posts, I couldn’t tell you before now.

Recycling jewelry sustainable Jewelry

Sustainable Christmas

And I even managed to wrap it in without tape….

All paper andΒ silk ribbon are either from last Christmas or from gifts people have given to me during the year.

Big hugs


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Christmas again again

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and here it is again – the month of December

Christmas again againI love December, and I love all the decorations. They make me so happy inside. The decoration on the big picture is from Illum in Copenhagen –

The next pictures are of my own decorations at home. They certainly make my life more beautiful to live. Not necessarily easier, but definitely more beautiful.

piece4love own decoration

piece4love own decoration 2

I use things that I have in advance, and things from Christmas last year, this means that the only thing I shopped making these decorations, was the or in which I put the light,,, and then the rice, that make the deco looks a little of ice and snow at the same time.

If you do anything special that you would like to share on piece 4 love, then send an email to me anna@calledda.com, then I will share it on the blog here and on facebook.

piece 4 love, and a very merry month of December