Sustainable Christmas, at least a little bit

Yesterday we had our Christmas eve in Denmark. I love presents and I love giving them. But I also like to give presents that has a special story. Which is why when I give presents to other people, I often make them myself. For my mum and my sister, I this year: I found an oldContinue reading “Sustainable Christmas, at least a little bit”

Feeling Catlike in KatABlack de Copenhague

Why wear something everybody else wear? Why not just be the unique one you are? As many of the other item I show you on Piece 4 Love – there is only one – just like you. This dress is made by some very special designers I know. Once upon a time, they owned aContinue reading “Feeling Catlike in KatABlack de Copenhague”

Working from Anywhere

Yes, it is possible to work from anywhere today. As long as you have your phone.   In the home made bag I have an extra shirt, due to the cold weather, and I have my agenda, my pen and extra stuff. Sometimes I only work from home and sometimes I am out catching ideas, searchingContinue reading “Working from Anywhere”