City Trip, me & Marie

Me & Marie went out photoshooting for lookbook in new areas of Copenhagen, this time Bellahøj. Such a lovely day, with lots of sun & fun. My clothings are all pieces 4 love that has been in my closet for some time. But I enjoy to mix and do different things with all my clothing. TheContinue reading “City Trip, me & Marie”

3 in 1 – just change shoes or accessories

    I bought the jumpsuit on a group on facebook the other day less than 50 euro, only used twice,, and it is a mix of silk and cotton…. it is my piece 4 love 4 the summer 2014, it is lovely, and I feel as if I was home, wearing it today atContinue reading “3 in 1 – just change shoes or accessories”

You can look as good as you want – but will that ever make you happy?

Yes, I am telling you straight ahead that your look has only a little part to do with making you happy. Sorry, … I got a chock too. When I was teenager.. around 16-17 I got the idea that it was all about the look. I dreamed about being a model, I competed in aContinue reading “You can look as good as you want – but will that ever make you happy?”

It is all about retro

    Nice words has many meanings. Retro means old school stuff with a nostalgic touch… and yes…. 6 years is a lot… which makes my look rather retro, because I just loved each look, for everything it could make me feel. On the first look you see a pair of short jeans, which IContinue reading “It is all about retro”

Help My Find My Style II

It is awesome. On my question : how to reuse my pants, I got this good respond from Isa – you can see the full answer by clicking here . Basically she adviced me to make my pants into a bag ! Which is exactly what I will do … when I found some other pantsContinue reading “Help My Find My Style II”