Celebrating other’s pieces 4 love

This apartment belonged to my best friend, before she went on a very long vacation to the other side of the world…. but this apartment placed in Haraldsgade 17b, was a blast….. the way that everything was created by the people living their, the art, the extra accessories hanging around and the space made for equipments and stuff that show off a high level of creativity

Celebrate it yourself :


20120929_214304 20120929_214313The foto of the foto,,,, that you would see when you needed to grab the toiletpaper ….
20120929_214335 20120929_214344

How does your style fit your apartment ?

piece 4 love


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2 thoughts on “Celebrating other’s pieces 4 love

  1. Thanks for sharing Anna. 🙂 it makes me so happy to see that 17B is living on in all you guys memories. I’ll never forget that place not because of the apartment, but because of all the amazing humans i have met and spent a lot of good time together with.

    Don’t wait for someone to get an ideas, start something yourself, and just wait and see how life will come. ❤

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