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The cheating look

Sometimes look cheats.
Or .. a lot of times look cheats.

I know. And as I said before I could choose to be a victim….this time….of the cheating look…

The look that makes you look strong, satisfied, self confident and happy.

That look I have. But nobody ever told me that.
And for many years I was treated as the strong person who would be able to take everything and I played the game everyday…and every night I cried my self to sleep. Because even if I look good, confident and strong. I have also my weak sides.  But …
When I tried to ask for help I was met with sentences as:

You look so good you shouldn’t

You are so strong why be sad?
You should be able to handle it?

Or even worse… If I said something in a serious tone. .. I would often be accused of being angry or arrogant. Just because of my look.
And so…for many years I didn’t ask for help, I didn’t said the truth about who I actually was and how I felt. I was afraid of having to discuss what I felt inside.

When I was 33 years old I saw a video of my self making a speech. And when I saw that I realize how much power I have just by my look… but nobody ever told me. Nobody!

In relationship my boyfriends became jealous on how I look at people and how I talk to people. My look makes me seem interested in every little human being. So in the end.   I didn’t dare look up because I was afraid of being accused of flirting.
Finally …finally I’ve realize that I have to get away from people who treats me because of who I look instead of who I am and what I say.
And it is working.
But always remember that the girl who looks strong and good…maybe also is just as sad as you are.
Look cheats…  remember that.

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Dresses and Biker Look

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Ballerina Fatale

As you may know Piece 4 Love also has a shop which is why you often find posts of photo sessions of clothing and accessories.

The shop is full of handmade accessories and 2nd hand clothing, because every piece you have is precious, and as long as an accessory or a piece of clothing is still working it deserves to be used. And that is why Piece 4 Love contains a shop as well…

You can have a look at the Shop here…

And here is Look of the Week:

This photo session with Marie was a blast.

It was the first time I ever wore this dress, and I must admit, it was a gorgeous feeling. I felled like being a ballerina fatale…. hehehe… especially when we saw the motor bike….and man do I miss that summer…. Cool Look IMG_0033 IMG_0035 IMG_0040 IMG_0046 IMG_0047 Beauty Look Motorbike The look on a motor bike


So next time you want to find new accessories or dresses, try to pass by Piece 4 Love the Shop

Recycle Your Stuff and be a Piece 4 Love…

PS. Do you have a dream you would like to follow?

Sign up here and get 4 tips on how to do it. 


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Going Out

Summer Dress Up  Dress Up Summer

  Dress Summer Up
Dress Mania
hair style piece 4 love

Today was a marvelous day shooting in the sun with Marie. 
I love the dress from Mania, which you have seen before.
And enjoy that I can use it differently by dressing up & down.

This time I dressed it up with my stylish jacket from bruuns bazar … and my shoes from Paris

the jacket is more than 8 years old, I but it for appr. 10 eur in an outlet because it has no belt

which I realized made me use it less than I hoped

but I still use it for special occasion
but not enough,,, I have to be better using things I have!

and I know… sorry… I still ow you a story
about the shoes…
coming up…. next time

I hope you enjoyed my hair, which I made in less than five minutes

I am proud
because as you probably remember
 I normally have my pony tale

or my hair hanging lose….


which I concluded was a bit to much some posts ago…


so as you can see,,, I use my own medicine on myself

work a little on my dream of

Looking Good & Saving the World

by saving myself first.


And I am so happy Marie is there to support me.


Do you want to join us and make life more beautiful & easier to live?

Join us here



Look Book Piece 4 Love

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Look of the Week: Stinne Gorell & Patrizia Pepe


piece4love_lookbook_june_SG2 piece4love_lookbook_june_SG4

lookbook piece 4 love Stinne Gorell

Granny Poncho by Stinne Gorell

The need for warm stuff in my wardrobe

The look of the week is a little off season… normally I would show summer items, but the weather in Denmark is so not to rely on, so I need to make sure I have something for the fresh and windy evenings.

The shoes from Bertie, I have had for a couple of years now, maybe 3, I only use them for some occasions, since I mostly wear flats or sneaks. But Bertie is good at making at comfy small heeled shoes.

My pants from Patrizia Pepe are one of my biggest pieces 4 love at the moment, made of wool, silk and polyester. They are good for work and for going out.

The Granny Poncho from Stinne Gorell is handmade in Denmark and made of 100% alpaca wool.

The sweat below the Poncho is a classic round neck of 100% Merino Wool.

As you know I buy seldom new pieces to my closet, but the Patrizia Pepe pants I bought in May on sale in a very fancy shop in Illum, and they were on 70%, I ended up paying less than 50 eur since I also had some points on my bonus card for that shop. So even if I wear the pants so much that they die before the year is over, I still made a good choice in buying pants that fits for several situations in my life. They make me feel comfortable and by that I look good.

I tried to find the same pants at the official Patrizia Pepe shop, I couldn’t, but oohh my they have a lot of other nice things on sale

The Granny Poncho from Stinne Gorell is an accessible piece 4 love since it is not something I found on sale

… believe it or not…

Stinne Gorell is one of the Designers in Denmark, who by her business model really tries to make you look good and save the world.

Which is why we at Piece 4 love help her sell her items… if you like the idea of making products by fair trade and respect for nature..

take a look at Stinne Gorell’s items at the shop.

Piece 4 love earns 10% of the shop price,

These money will be brought into piece 4 love, in order to make more nice stuff for you.

The rest 90 % goes to Stinne Gorell in order for her to expand fair trade business and responsible behavior.

Thanks for reading, if you do want to ask any questions, feel free =)

Look Good, Save the World



Celebrating other’s pieces 4 love

This apartment belonged to my best friend, before she went on a very long vacation to the other side of the world…. but this apartment placed in Haraldsgade 17b, was a blast….. the way that everything was created by the people living their, the art, the extra accessories hanging around and the space made for equipments and stuff that show off a high level of creativity

Celebrate it yourself :


20120929_214304 20120929_214313The foto of the foto,,,, that you would see when you needed to grab the toiletpaper ….
20120929_214335 20120929_214344

How does your style fit your apartment ?

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