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Be Happy 4 other People’s Succes


Today a nice surprise turned in on my Facebook news. My study buddy JulieKarla won the title as Danish Champion in Everyday food… SHE NAILED IT, by working hard making lovely food and choosing the best dish for us out here. The judges must have had an experience of their life. (just take a look at her pictures on her blog right here ) I got so happy for her that I could feel the chill of her succes on my skin. It was amazing. ….. furthermore it gave me the confidence to go out and make my own bread…. which I did….


My goal with sharing this post with you is to reveal a short cut to happiness. It is very important to be happy when other people reach their goals. Because would Β you not like your friends to be happy on your behalf when you reach the goal of your dreams ?

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2 thoughts on “Be Happy 4 other People’s Succes

  1. Thank you so much Anna! And the bread looks good, let’s eat some together real soon. And I could’nt agree more with your last message!

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