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Granny Poncho by Stinne Gorell

The need for warm stuff in my wardrobe

The look of the week is a little off season… normally I would show summer items, but the weather in Denmark is so not to rely on, so I need to make sure I have something for the fresh and windy evenings.

The shoes from Bertie, I have had for a couple of years now, maybe 3, I only use them for some occasions, since I mostly wear flats or sneaks. But Bertie is good at making at comfy small heeled shoes.

My pants from Patrizia Pepe are one of my biggest pieces 4 love at the moment, made of wool, silk and polyester. They are good for work and for going out.

The Granny Poncho from Stinne Gorell is handmade in Denmark and made of 100% alpaca wool.

The sweat below the Poncho is a classic round neck of 100% Merino Wool.

As you know I buy seldom new pieces to my closet, but the Patrizia Pepe pants I bought in May on sale in a very fancy shop in Illum, and they were on 70%, I ended up paying less than 50 eur since I also had some points on my bonus card for that shop. So even if I wear the pants so much that they die before the year is over, I still made a good choice in buying pants that fits for several situations in my life. They make me feel comfortable and by that I look good.

I tried to find the same pants at the official Patrizia Pepe shop, I couldn’t, but oohh my they have a lot of other nice things on sale

The Granny Poncho from Stinne Gorell is an accessible piece 4 love since it is not something I found on sale

… believe it or not…

Stinne Gorell is one of the Designers in Denmark, who by her business model really tries to make you look good and save the world.

Which is why we at Piece 4 love help her sell her items… if you like the idea of making products by fair trade and respect for nature..

take a look at Stinne Gorell’s items at the shop.

Piece 4 love earns 10% of the shop price,

These money will be brought into piece 4 love, in order to make more nice stuff for you.

The rest 90 % goes to Stinne Gorell in order for her to expand fair trade business and responsible behavior.

Thanks for reading, if you do want to ask any questions, feel free =)

Look Good, Save the World


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