It is all about retro

    Nice words has many meanings. Retro means old school stuff with a nostalgic touch… and yes…. 6 years is a lot… which makes my look rather retro, because I just loved each look, for everything it could make me feel. On the first look you see a pair of short jeans, which IContinue reading “It is all about retro”

Saving the world with Stinne Gorell

  What an honor This is the 1st photoshoot with piece 4 love wearing Stinne Gorell. Tjeck it out: To care about nature and people when producing fashion items is a quest of its own when designing a collection of stylish clothing. Nevertheless the Danish Fashion and Conscious Designer Stinne Gorell is exactly doing what everybodyContinue reading “Saving the world with Stinne Gorell”

Help My Find My Style II

It is awesome. On my question : how to reuse my pants, I got this good respond from Isa – you can see the full answer by clicking here . Basically she adviced me to make my pants into a bag ! Which is exactly what I will do … when I found some other pantsContinue reading “Help My Find My Style II”

Italian style in cold Denmark

Suddenly me and my best friend Sunny got this crazy idea of sharing our looks at Lookbook=) hep hey this is my first look. I styled it myself and Sunny is the photographer Please Enjoy Hat from Bronté Amsterdam, bought in Illum in Copenhagen, Gloves from Markberg: and scarf from KUDIBAL: The bag is fromContinue reading “Italian style in cold Denmark”