To Let Go of Things You Really Love

“but I really Love it”, “but it is transparent all over”

these are some of the thoughts when I look at this dress

for the 20ieth thousand time.. 

And as long as I am in doubt I can’t let go of the dress, 

I have thought about using the material inside a homemade bag…


but I am still doubting…


take a judge yourself

and let me & Marie know.. more facts about the dress below 

first pictures:

yellow dress

Dress Yellow Unique

Talking to the flower …. 

Yellow Unique Dress IMAG1254 IMAG1255


the dress is from Bech Olander, Danish Designers from Copenhagen

who do not exist any more.

The dress is one of a kind,,, so now you maybe understand my doubt

The shoes are from Paris, and the have a great story I promise to tell you about. 

The clutch is Maries,,, and It is far from first time you guys see that on,,,
I always find an occasion to make it fit my look for the day.

So what do you think ?

– Should Anna keep the dress as it is?

 – Pass it on to somebody else?

– Or use the material as linning for a homemade bag?

– Or something else?

Let us know your opinion…


Look Good & Save the World with unique dresses

Marie & Anna

piece 4 love


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