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Summer Dress Up  Dress Up Summer

  Dress Summer Up
Dress Mania
hair style piece 4 love

Today was a marvelous day shooting in the sun with Marie. 
I love the dress from Mania, which you have seen before.
And enjoy that I can use it differently by dressing up & down.

This time I dressed it up with my stylish jacket from bruuns bazar … and my shoes from Paris

the jacket is more than 8 years old, I but it for appr. 10 eur in an outlet because it has no belt

which I realized made me use it less than I hoped

but I still use it for special occasion
but not enough,,, I have to be better using things I have!

and I know… sorry… I still ow you a story
about the shoes…
coming up…. next time

I hope you enjoyed my hair, which I made in less than five minutes

I am proud
because as you probably remember
 I normally have my pony tale

or my hair hanging lose….


which I concluded was a bit to much some posts ago…


so as you can see,,, I use my own medicine on myself

work a little on my dream of

Looking Good & Saving the World

by saving myself first.


And I am so happy Marie is there to support me.


Do you want to join us and make life more beautiful & easier to live?

Join us here




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