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Know Yourself


I promise myself

Oooh I all ready made a mistake. Actually we people can not promise. We can only prepare and hope. Because we never know what is going to happen.

But if I prepare a little for my dream everyday I will get there somehow.

My dream is to help other people make their life more beautiful and easy to live.

I love to inspire. And to be inspired.

You can inspire me by your comment if I inspire you or you can ask question to inspire me to inspire you.

Let’s inspire one another.

Today I show how you can change the look of a dress by changing the shoes. It makes my life easier to know how I can use my clothings.

I am not angry … I just caught the sun in my eyes.

Be inspired everyday

Piece 4 love


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pieces from the 70ies

oohhh the sweet 70ies

or 17 th….

When I was 17 I got a jacket, … that was in,,,

1994… like 20 years ago… but I got this lovely

blue jacket of suede.

The jacket is from the mid 70ies,,, which make the jacket

older than me… that’s nice =)

70'ies jacket

As you can see,,, it is old, and I have not used it for years. Like 15 years,

But I got inspired from the blogger Lady Haze of Vintage, she inspired me to

find my jacket from it’s hidings and I will try to fresh it up, and make a look

for lookbook with my blue suede vintage jacket.


Look Good & Save the World

Maria & Anna

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Going Out

Summer Dress Up  Dress Up Summer

  Dress Summer Up
Dress Mania
hair style piece 4 love

Today was a marvelous day shooting in the sun with Marie. 
I love the dress from Mania, which you have seen before.
And enjoy that I can use it differently by dressing up & down.

This time I dressed it up with my stylish jacket from bruuns bazar … and my shoes from Paris

the jacket is more than 8 years old, I but it for appr. 10 eur in an outlet because it has no belt

which I realized made me use it less than I hoped

but I still use it for special occasion
but not enough,,, I have to be better using things I have!

and I know… sorry… I still ow you a story
about the shoes…
coming up…. next time

I hope you enjoyed my hair, which I made in less than five minutes

I am proud
because as you probably remember
 I normally have my pony tale

or my hair hanging lose….


which I concluded was a bit to much some posts ago…


so as you can see,,, I use my own medicine on myself

work a little on my dream of

Looking Good & Saving the World

by saving myself first.


And I am so happy Marie is there to support me.


Do you want to join us and make life more beautiful & easier to live?

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Natural Beauty derives from Nature & Coco..

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Look Good

Piece 4 Beauty

The best thing you ever can do is to eat as natural food as possible –

and to use products from nature.

Sand & Coconut Oil Your Secret Weapon

In the summer time going to the beach,
you can use the sand to scrub your legs and your feet.

Do it as the first thing arriving at the beach before using
anything on your body.

– After scrubbing your (dry) legs with sand, take a quick tour
in the water brushing the sand and the dead skin of.
– Dry yourself in the sun for 10 minutes, find a good place to sit and use organic coconut oil as moisture and sun blocker.

You can use the coconut oil on the rest of your body, also in your face.
Even as an aftersun.
You can eat it and even brush your teeth with coconut oil.

And it smells so good.

Find more knowledge about the coconut oil here

Can you imagine how happy I got figuring out, that I do not need 19 types of products with me on vacation. I can bring coconut oil, and that’s it.

Tell me what you think about it, if you already use coconut oil –

and tell me what holds you back from trying.

It is nature, it makes you look good and save the world…

Do it

I am just beside you

piece 4 love