What I actually look for When Traveling

As every other human being, I look for things when I travel.

But one thing particular is bags & shoes.

The last 4 weeks I have been traveling around in my own country Denmark, but also in Europe. Both for pleasure & work.

And this time I will present to you men’s accessories. Because some men are really good in combining & keeping their accessories.

The first two pictures are from a train trip, and the bag and the shoes belongs to the same person. I do not know him,,, but in the phone he said to another person: “do we meet at the mayors office…” I wonder what he is doing…but bag to his accessories

The bag is more then 10 years old…soooo cool…. and the shoes also last for a long time, but I forgot to ask for how long he had them… and even if the colors of the bag and the shoes were not the same, the style was optimal…

IMAG2097 IMAG2099

The next three pictures are the accessories of two really cool men that I know because I am so lucky that they are my colleagues. These men helps a lot of other men to avoid ending up in social chaos due to all these divorces happening in Denmark (and a lot of other countries)…. And while save the world, they look good…


IMAG2023 IMAG2024


Third picture is from the airport in Brussels. A guy was talking on the phone & when finished he puts his phone into this marvelous little home made bag. He himself chose the color & the pattern. And he made his wife make it for him. Amaaaazing. This is really a study for fashion fanatics.


But hey… I just realized I have two other really cool pictures off men’s accessories, I took them summer 2014… at my Social Media Class at Bigum & Co. The classes were really cool & so were our teachers to personalize & brand themselves with their own style & knowledge.

Bigum SoME MA

IMAG1000I do have thing for the Danish Slipper… Mao Shoes….

Life is more than about accessories, but when traveling around the world it is a good time spent for me, looking at others peoples accessories,,, this time it was the men’s…..

What do you look for when traveling & waiting?

Piece 4 Love



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