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Why I did not tell about my pregnancy ….

Now after giving birth it is ok for me showing pictures of me being pregnant… but during my pregnancy I couldn’t make myself tell it to everybody ….

Me, one month before giving birth to Silas

Well… a lot of people have asked me why I didn’t tell about my pregnancy. Literally I met people on the street randomly and I did not tell.

They couldn’t see it, I didn’t tell…

Or maybe they could see it but didn’t want to say anything…

You know that you never ask a girl if she’s pregnant because maybe she isn’t and then you would actually offend her πŸ™„

Well I think I didn’t tell because I was afraid that something went wrong and I had to tell that afterwords.

So I only let people know who was really near to me, because if something bad happened I was not supposed to tell that to everyone.

August 2017, 5 month pregnant

And why this fear of telling people something good?

I think it’s because I many times have tried to be wounded and lost the things that I’ve spend years on building.

Relationships, work, ideas … and then see it all fall apart.

So for some years I actually felt that I didn’t matter – that my energy didn’t matter – that life didn’t matter.

And actually I have had difficulties in recognizing myself – which made me hide even more.

I didn’t want people to know how I felt and I didn’t want to listen to their good advices or critiques about how I felt.

Not telling about my pregnancy also meant :

Not showing pictures on the social media, which actually was quite difficult because normally on the socials we share our daily lives so I could only show half of my life…

…conclusion I posted less than half of what I used to do.

I was so tired

Which meant that I spend less time looking at other people lives that I lost followers….

But being tired is part of being pregnant, and I promise you I was πŸ˜‚

And that is why I didn’t tell about my situation –

I was scared of the reaction of other people if something went wrong.

Fortunately nothing went wrong and I now have a healthy little baby.

September 2017, 3 month before birth

Next post will be about why I didn’t put up any pictures of little Silas on the social.

Until then…

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Life before and after social media…

Before there was none

now there are so many that I have to choose

Choose which one to be on

Whether to be active and social or passive and still little social…

Before I had to go out and meet people, if I stayed home I would not meet any

Which maybe means that many

more people today can socialise in their own way

But maybe after even

more young people believe

That what is going on is for real

I do not know what is best for you,

I try do to what is best for me

And what makes me feel good.

And it makes me feel good to be inspired by others,

to see when they work … out … and when they visit their mother

When they eat cake and have struggles when they bake …. it… and share it one another.

…Thanks to all inspiring people on Instagram

Thanks for reading my poem – the first here on my blog,

and then before ending this post I post a picture from Kate Egan. A true multipotentialite (if you do not know what that is check out my post about that)

Post with wise words…and before social media there were less,,, after there are plenty

I love them

SOcial media Love

Be Social in the way that works for you.

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