piece 4 love

Take care of yourself and the planet

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Kiss a Stranger

Kiss a Stranger from your heart

Feel the bliss and go away
Full of trust of leaving
A big kiss
On somebody
You’ll never miss
Because he is yours and you are his

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Inspirational quotes…follow my heart..

I love them. Inspirational quotes.
They make me stronger.
They make me smile.
They make me understand more about life.
Inspirational quotes are pieces 4 love that makes my life more beautiful because they make me smile and they make my life easier because they give me advices and learnings I can use.


A good example is this quote above.
How many times did some body said to me follow your heart…many times.
And how many times did I get hurt…many…
So… If.. for every time some one told me to follow my heart…they’ve followed up by advising me to take my brain with me… then the number of times that I hurted myself maybe have been smaller.
But on the other hand… If I never try I never see if I could go where my heart told me to go…because my brain is filled up with learnings from the past. So my brain sometimes becomes a hurdle to following my heart…
So then..what to do….?
I’ll follow my heart and try take my brain with me without listening too much…or… what do you think?

Piece 4 Love

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From To day I do things differently

How many times did I say that to my self?
I mean. How many times did I say to my self I will not do that?
So from today.  Right now or even better..From the moment I wrote the title.

From now I do things differently.

I’ll do it tomorrow! Is dead.
I’ll do it later! Is even more dead.
I should! Is totally forbidden
(been forbidden since January )

I do things differently! Is totally working.
I am already Writing. And it is 1:13 am.

I should be sleeping.  But as written. Shuld is forbidden.

I do things differently from now.

I follow my heart.

Do you  follow your heart?

Piece 4 love