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The best thing you ever can do is to eat as natural food as possible –

and to use products from nature.

Sand & Coconut Oil Your Secret Weapon

In the summer time going to the beach,
you can use the sand to scrub your legs and your feet.

Do it as the first thing arriving at the beach before using
anything on your body.

– After scrubbing your (dry) legs with sand, take a quick tour
in the water brushing the sand and the dead skin of.
– Dry yourself in the sun for 10 minutes, find a good place to sit and use organic coconut oil as moisture and sun blocker.

You can use the coconut oil on the rest of your body, also in your face.
Even as an aftersun.
You can eat it and even brush your teeth with coconut oil.

And it smells so good.

Find more knowledge about the coconut oil here

Can you imagine how happy I got figuring out, that I do not need 19 types of products with me on vacation. I can bring coconut oil, and that’s it.

Tell me what you think about it, if you already use coconut oil –

and tell me what holds you back from trying.

It is nature, it makes you look good and save the world…

Do it

I am just beside you

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