From To day I do things differently

How many times did I say that to my self?
I mean. How many times did I say to my self I will not do that?
So from today.  Right now or even better..From the moment I wrote the title.

From now I do things differently.

I’ll do it tomorrow! Is dead.
I’ll do it later! Is even more dead.
I should! Is totally forbidden
(been forbidden since January )

I do things differently! Is totally working.
I am already Writing. And it is 1:13 am.

I should be sleeping.  But as written. Shuld is forbidden.

I do things differently from now.

I follow my heart.

Do you  follow your heart?

Piece 4 love


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Well, this is actually not about me, it is about you. I want you to know that there is only one of you, you are needed and you have special skills that no-one else have. Remember that, please <3 Let's connect on Instagram

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