To be or not to be fucked

Is far from the question.
The question is how to get unfucked.

This is a quote I wrote in September on my Instagram. I invented the quote myself… inspired by Shakespeare of course.

I thought it needed a little modern touch.

So many times did I try to step into a situation where I ended up with a feeling of being fucked. Not because the other person intentionally tried to fuck me. More because I was not able to see and set my own limits.
Maybe because I didn’t want to disappoint the other person in their succes or maybe because I too late realize what is actually going on.

Maybe it has something to do with my curiosity or my impulsivity. Or maybe it is just because I am a human who has to learn by doing.

Getting older I think it hurts even more when I fuck up or let other fuck me up. Because I should have known better.

But the more I get angry with myself, the more I fuck myself up.

So my answer on how to get unfucked is to forgive myself for not taking enough care of myself.

And then commit myself to take more care next time I bump into a similar situation.

to be unfucked

Piece 4 Love



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