Shit happens

Yes it does. Some shit is bigger than other… when a house burns and all stuff get ruin by fire and smoke it is really big shit.
And the big shit happened yesterday in my apartment.

Around 14:50 a candle light took fire in a jacket in my roomy’s room while she was in the kitchen. And when she opened the door back into her room, fire and smoke met her with so much power that she was not able to see where she was. Luckily she managed to reach the door and get out before breathing.
I was in the yard with my friend Christina and I heard a girl scream on the road, so I went out and saw people look up with their phone by their ears, and I also saw my sweet roomie with no shoes, calling for help.

I knew then my apartment was on fire. Shit. Big shit.

My roomie was so sad that I ran to her and took my arms around her and told her it was okay, that it was only stuff, only things and it was good she was out.
I looked around and saw one of my neighbors with something to stop the fire. But just opening the door to the entrance of the building .. There was too much smoke.

I ran back to My roomie who, still with no shoes, tried to get in touch with her mom and her boyfriend. With no luck. That was tougher for me to see that, than to know my things were on fire.

I gave her my jacket but she was so sad that she just sad down on the cold ground and I tried to put it around her.

Then I went out and the firefighters were already on their way. I just luckily live five minutes from the fire station.
When I saw them go into the building I just wanted to go with them…
But off course I just had to wait.
I asked several times if they would tell me as soon as the fire stopped.
Wauw the fireman on the street must have thought I was annoying….but I just really wanted to know everything about what happened.
From I heard my roomie on the street untill the fire stopped, 20 minutes had pasted…
When they opened the windows and all the smoke came out I knew the fire had stopped. But wow… All that smoke. Not good.

But I ran to the firefighter on the street and asked if he could get the computers out. I told him there was one Mac on the table in my room which had not caught fire, only smoke and two bags with a Mac and one laptop also in my room and then I knew my roomie had a Mac as well.

He gave the message in his walkie-talkie and after less than five minutes a firefighter came out with three bags and two Macs …and I started to cry….

An ambulance was also among all the big cars and trucks with water, and my roomie finally got some shoes from a friendly neighbor and she reached her boyfriend by phone who was on his way.

Then from that I do not remember that much myself other than I consistently asked the police man of permission to get into the apartment in order to get my agenda with all my work codes, my external hard disks, my passport and my personal papers.
And me weed… But I didn’t tell him that …

Oh and I grabbed my rollerblades on the way out as well… When he finally let me in…

From there I talked to all my neighbors and we just waited for the recovery company to check the building and let me close my doors with keys. From outside.

Luckily my friend Christina who had been there from the beginning had space enough at her house. So we went there, and I called my roomie to catch up on her safety. She was on the way with her boyfriend to his place .

I’ve learned something!

The people around me are so much more important than the things I’ve been buying and carrying around for years.

I’ve also learned, when I posted about my situation, that likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram gave me courage to stay strong and be cool about loosing my home for an indefinite period.

Because when big shit happens it is far from the material stuff that counts.

It is the human energy.

Thank you for reminding me!

Piece 4 love
Anna ❤

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